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See the best concert here as Jay Chou's concert sells like hotcakes

by kelvin@multistars - 14th May 2010

Source: Zaobao

Taiwanese heavenly king Jay Chou will coming to Singapore in July to hold 3 nights of concerts, he's successfully shared the record achievement of "the only artist to hold 3 nights here in the last ten years" with "God of Songs" Jacky Cheung. Actually, besides Jay Chou other artists have also set records here before.

Jay Chou has been away from the Singapore stage for 2 years, in between he's been busy with movie work, the tickets have sold in lightning speed for his return to the concert stage this time.

Originally "Jay Chou Singapore World Tour Concert 2010" was to be held on the 24th of July, the tickets were sold out in 2 hours, on the 23rd of April they added an additional night, the tickets sold out in 3 hours, they added a third night on the 25th, it sold out within 90 minutes. The main organisers are discussing whether they can add a fourth night.

A quick tally up, Jay Chou's 3 nights, over 25000 tickets sold out in 6 and a half hours. Basically Jay Chou sold a ticket a second, the sales are amazing.

In order to guard against ticket scalping the main organisers only allowed 11 tickets per person. In order to deal with the high traffic and increased ticket sales Sistic placed the link "Buy Jay Chou Concert Tickets" directly on their homepage, this is something that has never happened before.

Even though Jay Chou's concert this time is the same as God of Songs Jacky Cheung, in a 3 sided stage, but Jay Chou sold out in 2 and 3 hours respectively, his ticket sales not only matched the God of Songs but surpassed.

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