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Moving into the shot wearing a cap, recently Jay Chou's has been shopping with his mother

by kelvin@multistars - 9th May 2010

Source: Chinatimes

On the 7th Jay Chou was filming promotional shoots, his mother Ye Hui Mei came to the set to visit him, suddenly he pulled his mother into the camera shot, the two had a great understanding, both wearing caps and putting on cool poses. His mother said: "Jay has been busy recently, I'm here to accompany him!" A few days ago he was filming an MV, she cooked up a pork stew soup, fried rice noodles and even brought along a rice cooker to make curry rice on the set, it was enough for 20 people, after work, she insisted on not letting her son drive.

Jay Chou is very busy, but he still has time to spend with his mother. During the New Year this year, he asked her: "Where do you want to go? I'll go wherever you want to go!" She wanted to go to the shopping mall, so he went with her, he didn't mind being surrounded by fans. He gives all his income to his mother, he doesn't have a credit card, when he's shopping with his mother, he'll buy whatever she likes, he stands happily watching by the side.

Jay Chou loves eating snacks and he wears what most youngsters wear, his most expensive t-shirt is only 1000 yuan, he doesn't spend much, if he was buying expensive things, for work his assistant will pay for it, for private use he'll ask his mother before buying, he is so well behaved it is unbelievable, thus he doesn't need a credit card.

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