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Jay Chou's "Worldly Tavern" to exclusive premiere on Hit Fm on the 5th of December

by kelvin@multistars - 2nd December 2012

Source: Wownews

Jay Chou in new MVJay Chou's new song Worldly Tavern

Everyone is looking forward to it, the ending hit in December of the Chinese industry - Jay Chou's "12 New Works", pre-orders start on the 12th of December 2012, the new melodies before the end of the world will move everyone like never before! Jay Chou sees friendship as being very important, so for every song's premiere he has given it to Hit Fm, on the 5th to 7th of December please tune into Hit Fm, the first single "Worldly Tavern" from "12 New Works" will be premiered! In order to repay Jay Chou's support, Hit Fm online has some special plans, from the 12th to 27th of December we will be doing 12 days of revision, we will bring you the record of the Chinese big star's first MV filming, the first album's press conference, the first time directing, making it in Hollywood and other historic moments...we will revisit 12 big things about Jay Chou since his debut! If you want to hear and see even more Jay Chou exclusive material please visit "Passion Play Only Want To Listen To Music Hit Fm Online" and website!

"Worldly Tavern" is written by Vincent Fang and Jay Chou, the contents of the music is like a musical martial arts love story, "On the edge of the end of the world is wind borne sand, the story of worldly affairs is what I miss more", the hero gives up his blade for the beauty and hides away living a normal life; under the same roof the two drink tea together, he lifts his pen not for art, but just to draw down the face of this beauty; each scene like a painting of an ancient Chinese style hero and beauty, with the Chinese guzheng and bawu, weaved with the Western piano and stringed instruments, modern jazz drums, with a vocal that is sometimes unrestrained, sometimes regretful, sometimes sad Jay Chou chants this life and death "Worldly Tavern"! Jay Chou said: "There is always one Chinese style song in every album, made by Vincent Fang and I, from East Wind Breaks, Chinese Flower Pot, Hair Like Snow, Chrysanthemum Flower Bed, Beyond A Thousand Miles and more to "Worldly Tavern", I want to give you all the most purest Jay style Chinese style song!"

Apart from the first plugged Chinese song being revealed, the main visual for the pre-order of "12 New Works" is themed around "Worldly Tavern", they especially hired an ink wash painter to portray Jay Chou's ink wash hero look, to show a modern ink wash painting, within the coarse strokes there is detailed brushwork and strokes, there is a unique old style and unrestrained, matched with the side of Jay Chou's face, the whole visual has a kind of proud and aloof faraway concept.

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