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Jay Chou's Vancouver concert on the 23rd of December, production is super high

by kelvin@multistars - 30th November 2010

Source: Singtao

Asia music heavenly king Jay Chou will be holding 3 nights of "The Era America and Canada Tour Concert" during Christmas and the New Year period, the Vancouver stop is being held on the 23rd of December at the Rogers Arena, The main organisers of the event held a press conference on Monday to introduce details about the concert.

According to the company CEO Dai Qi, this concert is the record of Jay Chou's 10 years music experience, he has spent a year preparing it and spent NT$2 hundred million in production costs. This year in May he held the first 3 nights in Taipei, the tickets were sold out within 6 hours; in China, up till now he has done over 20 nights, each venue has had over 50,000 people, a sell out crowd for each night.

Dai Qi points out that the biggest selling point of the concert in Vancouver is that all the lights, sound equipment, fireworks, stage and the whole performance are all exactly the same as the ones held in Taiwan and China, they guarantee an authentic experience, there will be nothing missing. It's been said to be the biggest production for a Chinese concert. "Just the LED screens used for the background, they cover 300 square meters, an average concert just uses 35 square meters. The concert combines 3D effects, it's an effect that's never been used before in Chinese concerts, it's a must watch."

Concert tickets range from $98 to $398. Online ticket:, ticket hotline 604-273-0353 or 1-877-796-9988.

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