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Jay Chou's song gets nominated in Golden Horse Awards

by kelvin@multistars - 5th October 2011

Source: UDN

Jay Chou's song nominated at Golden Horse Awards

Following this year's Golden Melody Award Jay Chou was crowned the "King of Songs" and became the big winner for the second time, then with the song "Father" he has been nominated in the Golden Horse Awards for "Best Original Film Song", this is his fourth time nominated in the award, four years ago he won with "Secret", Jay Chou has been having lots of good luck this year so he is looking forward to once again winning the prize.

Jay Chou began his film career in 2005 with "Initial D", he won "Best Newcomer" at the 42nd Golden Horse Awards, it being his first time acting in a movie, Director Chou has not forgotten about his music, even though he did not star in the movie "Father", JVR stated: "Jay hopes this song can win."

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