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Jay Chou's new song switches lyrics to someone else, on bad terms with Vincent Fang?

by kelvin@multistars - 17th October 2011

Source: Chinayes

Jay Chou and Vincent Fang eating hotdogs

After netizens broke the news that Jay Chou and Hannah Quinliva were in Japan together recently, he's been happily in love but he hasn't forgotten about his fans desperately for the new album, it is rumoured he will be releasing his 11th album in November, recently the new song "Shadow Puppetry" on the new album was revealed on websites such as China Mobile and others, but this song's lyricist is not Jay Chou's old partner Vincent Fang, but is written by the artist impersonator Tang Tsung Sheng (Cong Cong), this has triggered doubts over whether Jay Chou and Vincent Fang are on bad terms?

Vincent Fang yesterday clarified on his blog: "Jay and I have been getting on fine all along! What fall out...we are doing great!" Jay's record company JVR also stepped forward and explained, the new album still contains Vincent Fang's work, this proves that their relationship has not been affected.

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