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Jay Chou's new song shows off piano, lyrics talk about old lover

by kelvin@multistars - 31st October 2011

Source: Sina

Jay Chou standing on a feather style pianoJay Chou and the dancers with umbrellasJay Chou and the dancers pose in his new MV Mine Mine

After Jay Chou's heavy rock and CG MV for "Exclamation Mark" from his new album managed to successfully get people's attention, he steps on a feather style piano in the MV for his new song "Mine Mine", on top of it he dances a romantic dance, in front of the camera he danced very neatly, but Director Chou is always after the best, in actually fact he repeated the dance up to 190 times. The new song is an R&B Jay style song, the lyrics describe the feelings of lovers after a break up and is written by Director Chou, what makes people curious is who the "old love" is.

Jay wrote the melody and lyrics for "Mine Mine", the lyrics describe lovers breaking up, he's still paying for her tickets, and holding an umbrella for her. The first section of the chorus lyrics to answer the question: "Cuz baby you are mine mine"; "Mine Mine" has the same pronunciation as Taiwanese slang "ma ma" means "don't", and the second chorus changes to Taiwanese "don't you secretly leave", with Chinese, Taiwanese and English, he gets close to the modern youngster's slang.

In the MV he shows off his smooth moves on the piano, because the style of the piano is unique, it was hard to get the right amount of power, having been wired up many times in films, Director Chou performed his smooth moves well, he only spent two hours wired up and produced good results. The lyrics refer lovers breaking up and holding umbrellas, Jay Chou asked his dance choreographer Ice Cream to put together an "umbrella dance", L.A. Style dance plus the use of umbrellas, Director Chou, who demands high quality stated: "Although many people danced the umbrella dance before, but we are dancing out a different style." He also joked:" These people (dancers) usually don't carry weapons (referring to umbrellas), when they picked up the umbrella they suddenly felt very uncomfortable!"

Director Chou's new album has not yet been officially released, there's already been once topic after another about it, a few days ago "Exclamation Mark" was accused of plagiarising British band The Prodigy's "Omen", netizens stated its chorus, the guitar arrangement were quite similar. For this Director Chou responded: "My dictionary does not have the word plagiarism because my creativity us boundless, this time I wrote so many songs I couldn't fit it all into the album so I chose 11, the netizens who accuse me of plagiarism, I'll tell you again, I can come up with a diao melody with just my knee, so do I need to listen to other people's songs? Sorry, I've broken the hearts of those netizens who want to play with me! ha ha!"

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