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Jay Chou's new album Exclamation Mark, fight over to listen to new song Shadow Puppetry

by kelvin@multistars - 17th October 2011

Source: V1

Jay Chou's new album

Jay Chou's new album Exclamation Mark, Jay Chou will release a new album Exclamation Mark next month, this has caught the attention of fans, JVR have been tight lipped about the album's name, companies from all over the place have been fighting over the premiere of the new album song, "Shadow Puppetry" was fought over three platforms, China Mobile, who Jay Chou is spokesperson for, grabbed the first premiere on the 15th, KKBOX took up the baton, the mobile application 31SMS, which Jay Chou is working, willl also be broadcasting it today.

Jay Chou's last album "The Era", won him Best Male Artist, two album awards at the Golden Melody Awards, the outside world are looking forward to his 11th album, what surprise it will bring to the pop music world, a few days ago the new song "Shadow Puppetry" was revealed, the lyrics were not written by his old partner Vincent Fang, but by artist impersonator Tang Tsung Sheng, it was the first time they collaborated, the lyrics and melody are interesting.

Mainland China Taobao website has already put out the new album for pre-order, they've also announced pre-order gifts, such as flash drives, towels and more, according to reports the new album will be released on the 11th of November, regarding the rumours, JVR stated they will release the exact information soon.

Jay Chou and Hannah Quinliva have still not been photographed so far, the paparazzi have been out in fill force following them, but Jay Chou hasn't changed the humorous ways, through his blog he shouted at the paparazzi, he also taunted the paparazzi to follow him with 10 cars, later he gets into a sports car, he laughed saying if he drove this car, the paparazzi won't be able to keep up.

With the premiere, an "Exclamation Mark" photo accompanied it, so fans guessed the new album would be named "Exclamation". The story behind "Shadow Puppetry" was also revealed, Tang Tsung Sheng wrote the lyrics first, it was given to Jay Chou through the make-up artist, the lyrics are full fun and versatility, Jay Chou fell in love with it as soon as he saw it.

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