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Jay Chou's new album called "Aiyo, not bad"

by kelvin@multistars - 3rd December 2014

Source: Sina

Jay Chou in promotional photo for new album Aiyo, Not BadJay Chou poses looking like Charlie ChaplinJay Chou in weird sack-like suitJay Chou's new song Extra Large Shoe Size

According to Taiwanese media reports, Jay Chou will release his new album before he gets married at the beginning of next year, he's a funny guy and so named his album after his catchphrase "Aiyo, not bad", he even wore a black top hat to transform into Charlie Chaplin, but the cutest thing of all is the custom made large wooden shoes he wore for his new song "Extra Large Shoe Size", he needed help to get the shoes on, add to that the sack-like jacket, trousers, he looked really comedic.

The first plugged song "Extra Large Shoe Size" is composed by him with Vincent Fang writing the lyrics, he said: "This time I especially wrote a retro style song Extra Large Shoe Size, it's a hip hop rap song, the lyrics are very rich and interesting, it's got the humour of Charlie Chaplin, I hope everyone can become happier and happier as they listen to my song!" He wore extra large shoes to shoot the promotional photos, the new song will premiere on Hit Fm on the 5th of December, the new album will start pre-orders on the 10th of December and will be officially released on the 26th.

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