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Jay Chou's mother is strict, rejects opening guitar store

by kelvin@multistars - 15th May 2010

Source: Libertytimes

Artist Jay Chou has had a strict mother since he was young, he's especially close to this mother, but even for Jay Chou, sometimes when he throws a tantrum it fails. During an interview on radio he said, he's recently gotten into antique instruments and wanted to hope a guitar store, even though he threw a tantrum, his mother wouldn't agree.

Jay Chou is releasing his new album "The Era" on the 18th, he went on Hit Fm radio to be interviewed, it will be broadcasted on the day. Jay Chou talked about his good relationship with his mother, till now he's still very obedient to his mother, even if it's something he likes, he'll consider his mother's opinion, like recently the bat mobile that's been making the headlines, his mother thought "An expensive big toy that can't go on the road".

Jay Chou has recently gotten into antique instruments, he said, before buying he'll politely report to his mother, a few times he threw tantrums, in attempts to get his mother to agree for him to "open a guitar store"; who could have thought that as soon as he said so, his mother rejected it outright, he's just going to have to postpone his plans for opening a store.

Even though his mother is strict, but she'll always give Jay Chou comfort, she wants him not to take things too much to heart, thus it made him write the new song "Superman Can't Fly".

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