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Jay Chou's "Exclamation Mark" visuals revealed

by kelvin@multistars - 21st October 2011

Source: Sina

Visuals from Jay Chou's new MVJay Chou's new MV using CG

Jay Chou's latest album, "Exclamation Mark" will be released the 11th of November, on the 20th the computer visuals for the MV were shown for the first time, it is full of a futuristic feel, the meaning behind the lyrics to the song titled "Oh Shoot!" has been redefined by Vincent Fang, it has turned into I rely on perseverance, I rely on fighting will, it's full of blood and inspiration. Director Chou also responded to the controversy over "Oh Shoot!": "This word is much more conservative than 'diao', it is the language of young people, it is a word game combining popular slang, when everyone sees the MV you will know."

Jay Chou directed the MV for "Exclamation Mark" and used CG to produce it, he transforms into the embodiment of justice, he drives a sports car through futuristic cities fighting evil. Director Chou is chased by his enemies so he drives through the JVR offices, Mr. J restaurant, PHANTACi, he goes through his own company and shops run by his friends, and finally he reaches the base of the enemy, he attacks with a series of strikes creating a fast paced and tense atmosphere, this is his first attempt at using CG for an entire MV. Director Chou came up with the idea for the MV more than a year ago, he hired professionals to produce it, they first filmed martial arts moves with real people, and then with motion capture technology the computer graphics were created in post-production, showing exquisite detail of each action, coupled with Dolby sound, the audio and visual give the MV for the full effect.

Director Chou and Vincent Fang wrote "Exclamation Mark" together, Vincent Fang redefined "Oh Shoot!" into I rely on perseverance, I rely on fighting will, the lyrics are full of blood and inspiration, it says you must rely on perseverance to create your own path when faced with adversity in the future, give your enemy "an exclamation mark". The new song is made like a movie soundtrack, utilizing sirens and with heavy metal rock and roll as the opening, the strong rhythm makes your blood boil, the word "kao" is repeated during the chorus, the fast paced rhythm feels as though you are hitting an enemy who is approaching with all your might. Director Chou stated: "The lyrics are really interesting, and everyone has different views when they see it, this is the fun thing about this song."

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