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Jay Chou world tour starts in Shanghai in May, getting fit for fans

by kelvin@multistars - 23rd January 2013

Source: Sina

Jay Chou having a world tour

Jay Chou is having a concert again. Since coming out 12 years ago and releasing 12 albums, heavenly king of the Chinese music industry Jay Chou has announced an all new world tour "Ferris Wheel" which is officially starting on the 17th of May at the Mercedes-Benz Arena, at the moment they have already confirmed there will be 26 shows.

An even better news for Shanghai fans is that due to Shanghai being the first stop, due to popularity the agent company have already decided to add an extra show on the 18th of May, tickets for the two shows will officially go on sale today online.

Jay Chou's 2013 "Ferris Wheel" world tour has already started, the most unqiue aspect is, the first stop is not the usual Taipei, but for the first time the first stop is Shanghai. Director Chou stated he himself especially likes to hold concerts in Shanghai, not only has he sold out whenever he has been to Shanghai, but the atmosphere and quality is concert is amongst the top, so this time he especially chose Shanghai. The agent company has thought about giving fans the best visual and audio quality so they have decided to hold the concert in Mercedes-Benz Arena. This is the first time Director Chou has picked an indoor arena to hold a concert in Shanghai, apart from guaranteeing the visual and audio quality, he will also be able to get closer to fans.

"Ferris Wheel" will let fans see Jay Chou's 12 years of growing up and changing. Since debuting, Jay Chou has spent 12 years accumulating record sales as high as 24 million copies, in the record market there is no one from the same period who can compare, he can even be called the number one of this Chinese music industry era. For this time's tour, apart from the musical talent everyone already knows about, Director Chou will show off his 8 pack which he worked so hard for. During the writing of "Opus 12", Jay Chou continued exercising.

Every time he has a new piece of work, Director Chou can never get away from being asked "Where's the breakthrough", he laughed saying, since debuting 12 years ago, he really wanted to find a breakthrough, but his musical path has already been accepted by the fans, so he has decided to firstly change in terms of appearance, he hopes to give fans a new fresh look and feel: "Most people let their waist go after 30, their body looks a bit middle age, so they have to dress well, the more middle age they are the more they can't have the middle age look."

Jay Chou's popularity has already been confirmed by the box office of "Ferris Wheel", due to it being at Mercedes-Benz Arena, only 10,000 seats, in order to avoid ticket scalping, the concert has taken on a "first pay first serve" approach to online pre-orders. The reporters found out from the main organisers, the concert on the 17th of May will start "first pay first serve" from the 15th of January 2pm, after 5 minutes the tickets for 2000 yuan, 380 yuan, 280 yuan were all sold out, after one hour only a few tickets were left, before the publication of this article the tickets for the first show has sold out, not even one ticket left.

With the sell out, Jay Chou and the main organisers decided to add a show on the 18th of May in Shanghai. In order for fans to be able to buy tickets before the Spring Festival, the main organisers have already began the second show pre-orders on the 18th of January, they again used the "first pay first serve" approach, the pre-orders were again fiercely contested, only about a quarter were left to sell. The two shows for "Ferris Wheel" officially go on sale today.

According to reports, starting from Shanghai, at present the tour has been confirmed to already have 26 stops, it will cover every corner of the world, Director Chou and his crew aim to set a new level for Chinese tours. Director Chou stated, he wants to sing until he is 60-70, "I've kept my youth for the fans. I hope to still be singing Nun-Chuks when I'm 70, it would definitely be cool." A lot of fans have stated their anticipation of the new look.

Ticket hotline: 021-64289293 64289953

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