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Jay Chou wants to get married, tests water with fans

by kelvin@multistars - 9th October 2011

Source: Zaobao

Jay Chou and Landy Wen sing Rooftop

When Jay Chou had a concert here he asked fans if they can accept him getting married?

The night before, Taiwanese singer Jay Chou, Sodagreen, Landy Wen, Cindy Yen, and local band "The AMPs" were at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for "LOUD Festival music festival".

Jay Chou, who is still a heavenly king, was of course the focus of the show, almost 8,000 spectators all came just to see him, once he came on, the audience immediately went "out of control", there were screams constantly, fans also stood up to sing along with their idol.

Jay Chou maintained his love of "showing off" style, when he came on he created a mysterious atmosphere,, he and the dancers come out from the prop coffins, he sang "Compendium of Materia Medica", Then he showed off his musical talent, including a fast and accurate rendition of "Flight of the Bumblebee" on the piano, he played the piano and the guitar, he also beat boxed and finally played the nun-chucks.

But, he seemed a little "abnormal", before singing "The Final Battle", he seemed to be emotional and said: "I debuted 10 years ago, are you like me, when you encounter any difficulties you do not give up? No matter if it's a scandal or gossip? Even if I get married, will you still continue to listen to my song?

On hearing the fans' applause and screams, he smiled and continued singing.

Such a "plot" is identical to Andy Lau's. Before his marriage was revealed, he also "tested the waters" on whether the fans would accept his marriage at a concert.

Jay Chou was the finale, what was admirable was that he got Landy Wen sing a duet "Rooftop", he asked the audience to give Landy Wen a warm applause, it shows he cares a lot about friends, he is dedicated to helping a friend. The two debuted at the same period under Jacky Wu, although Landy's singing is strong, but her luck as a star was not as strong as Jay Chou's, it's good to see the two sing "Rooftop" hand in hand.

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