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Jay Chou takes property developer to court over grave dispute

by kelvin@multistars - 12th October 2011

Source and credit: CNA

TAIPEI: Asian superstar Jay Chou has sued a Taiwan property developer for allegedly lying to him and his mother in order to make a sale, reported Taiwan media.

Chou and his mother had earlier purchased a NT$27.5 million (S$1.1 million) condo unit in Taipei, after the property developer claimed that it will have excellent views "of the rivers and the hills".

However, when Chou's mother went up to the 21st floor of the nearly-completed condo building in March to look at the view, she discovered that their luxury condo unit faces a forested area - dotted with multiple graves.

Chou's mother wanted to pull out of the deal, pointing out that she was never told their unit faces multiple graves, but the property developer refused to return their deposit and asked her to pay a NT$4.1 million (S$100,000) penalty if she wanted to back out.

Chou recently decided to take the developer to court in a bid to recover some NT$8.2 million (S$200,000) he had already paid to the developer for the condo unit, as well as NT$1 million (S$24,400) in damages.

"Tabloid gossip can be ignored but this kind of thing that makes my mother angry is unforgivable.

"It's fine if the developer who lies and cheats the public apologizes, if not, I will pursue the matter to the end," said Chou on Sunday.

"We are not after the money but after justice. If the law gives us justice, the NT$1 million in compensation will be donated to charity," added the 32-year-old singer-songwriter.

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