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Jay Chou switches song in last minute

by kelvin@multistars - 13th May 2010

Source: Chinatimes

Jay Chou dressed as a vampire for his new album cover

On the 14th, the "If Only We Could Last Forever: Teresa Teng Golden Songs Charity concert" was held in Chengdu, Jay Chou appeared at the end singing and playing "The Moon Represents My Heart".

For his new album "The Era", Jay Chou spent 3 million building three sets, wearing clothes from the middle ages, he became a vampire prince, said to be able to live through the ages. He also took photos for the cover of his concert next month, he was wired up nearly 30 times, causing his left shoulder to be bruised, but being filial he didn't tell his mother, the workers asked mother Chou if she treated his injuries, his secret was exposed like that.

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