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Jay Chou shows off his skills, Director Chou's kawaii onigiri

by kelvin@multistars - 8th February 2013

Source: Libertytimes

Jay Chou's onigiriJay Chou making a salad

"Director Chou" Jay Chou recently has been successful in training his muscles, moving one step forward he has transformed into a handsome cook, while he was visiting his restaurants he showed off his skills, he made some sauce, made a professional looking salad, he even used his own face and made a Director Chou onigiri.

Has his girlfriend Hannah eaten the dishes he has personally created? Director Chou played the "Mother Chou card", "I've made it for my mother to eat."

Being a creative heavenly king, Director Chou's hands not only write songs, play instruments, play the piano, do magic tricks, direct films, in these past few years he has observed his hair stylist's job, add to that his ability to pick things up, with his colleagues as subjects, he has somehow learnt to become a "barber", a few days ago he revealed if he had time he would do some cooking, he's getting the feeling of settling down more and more.

He cooks like he is writing a song, creativity is the most important thing, "in the past I've tried it with a marinated egg before, I've made marinated egg chicken steak, marinated egg spring rolls." How was it? He joked saying: "I did offer it to friends to eat, he didn't dare say it tasted bad." It looks like he has quite a few recipes in his Chou recipe book, he can bring out 3 dishes just like that, it looks like he has his own style, his ingredient combination is fresh.

He revealed he often goes with a simplistic style for cooking, the first dish is "Pork Roast Cauliflower", the way to make it is to boil the cauliflower, then roast strips of the pork, the pork strips are then wrapped around the cauliflower; the second dish is "Sweet Potato Pineapple Pastry", cut the sweet potato and pineapple into chunks and put into flour, use hot oil to fry; the third dish is "Sea Urchin Sauce with Squid", squid stuffed with sea urchin sauce, cut into slices after roasting.

His girlfriend Hannah is going to America to study, he has less dates now, his new interest is going around his restaurants, even though he is saying that the rent in Taipei is too high, but he still let slip, "I've been considering opening another branch of 'Fujiwara Tofu store', '300' gym is also moving to the East to target the next market."

Add on to that his habit of displaying props from movies he has filmed, the clothes from "Secret", the poster are displayed in "Mr. J Restaurant", the AE88 car from "Initial D" is parked at "Fujiwara Tofu store", at present the "Green Hornet car" from the "Green Hornet" and the mask and hat Kato wears has already been shipped to Taiwan, at present they do not have a place to be displayed.

Will all these creative dishes appear in the next store? He said he is keeping them for his mother, "Just like in the past I asked my mother if she wanted to open a "Mother Chou's Fried Rice Noodle", she said: "No, I only make it for my son", so my dishes are only for my mother." He'll let the professional cooks handle the menu.

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