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Jay Chou shows off figure in lace clothing in new album

by kelvin@multistars - 17th December 2012

Source: Sina

Jay Chou in new MV

Jay Chou's 12th album "12 New Works" is about to be released, on the 17th the album cover was revealed, he has recently been working out and he has not shied away from showing off his figure, unlike from his handsome looks in the past, this time he has worn a "lace see through clothing".

Apart from there being a variety of styles in Jay Chou's new works this time, since debuting 12 years ago he is dyeing his hair blond for the first time, he says he wants to give everyone a fresh feeling! Besides the outer appearance change, the new album's cover is even more surprising, Jay Chou wore a "black lace see through clothing" with a unicorn, he is embracing the see through look and letting fans take a good look at his fit body; Jay Chou said "The look is handsome but actually this clothing is an inner piece, there is a jacket that goes outside, but later I wanted to say how successfully the exercising was, so I took on the challenge of this rather daring look, the feeling is certainly different!"

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