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Jay Chou prudent over choosing partner, definitely won't get divorced

by kelvin@multistars - 20th May 2010

Source: Huaxia

Jay Chou on UFO Radio

On the 19th Jay Chou went on UFO Radio to promote his new album "The Era", the presenter Joseph Wang asked: "What kind of girl does your mother like?" He thought about it and said: "I guess someone who is filial and can do housework." Joseph Wang concluded: "So outward appearance is not important?" He laughed shouting: "I think it's important!" The mother and son are close, but their view on girls is very different.

Jay Chou wants everything to be diao, but he has a side when he returns to his family, Nicholas Tse has given him some food for thought, "In the past I went to Hong Kong often, I bumped into him when he was still unmarried, but after I bumped into him later, he was already a father, I talked to him about being a father, it was pretty special." Tse is 30 this year, Jay Chou is a year older, seeing him already a father of two, he's not in a hurry but his attitude is rather contradictory.

"If I had kids, I can take them out to play, go on shows, but once I go abroad, what will I do since I can't accompany them?" He said, once he gets married, there's no way he'll get divorced, "So I'll carefully choose (my other half)."

Recently he's had a lot of run-ins with girls, "Game Female Wu Kong" Honey Chen was said to have been to his room, he helplessly said: "My mother is very conservative, she believes the media very easily. She even asked me, 'When did your room have so many stars?' It's not like my room is the UFO Radio office, plus I'm not that romantic."

Besides this, Mainland China Beijing are holding the competition for musical "In Love With Teresa Teng", the producer Li Dun has already invited Jay Chou and Leehom Wang to produce the music for this musical, Li Dun revealed: "Jay Chou's company is very interested in this." Yesterday Jay Chou said about this: "I'm not clear about it, everything will be arranged by the company."

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