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Jay Chou prevents leaks of new songs just like his love life

by kelvin@multistars - 2nd October 2011

Source: Apple Daily

Jay Chou is usually scared of revealing anything about his love, he is the same towards protecting the music he writes too, a few days ago he finished his recording, he sees his master copies as diamonds and protects them as such, in order to prevent leakage when during the post-mixing process, besides placing a hidden marking onto each master copy, even when the advertising companies want to use the song, he asks for someone to fly to Beijing with the broadcast equipment to let the manufacturers to listen to it, completely bypassing transferring it over the net.

He will release a new album in November, in view of new songs having been leaked before, besides giving the master copies to the agent Yang Jun Rong to take care of, each song will have a certain point where the drum is slightly louder, or a drop of water and other markings, most people will not notice, if it gets leaked he will know in which stage it happened in.

On the 17th and 18th of December he will perform at the Kaohsiung Arena debut, the tickets are on sale now, for tickets:

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