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Jay Chou not scared of releasing album on the same day as Eason Chan, laughs at rumours of marriage with Hannah

by kelvin@multistars - 24th October 2011

Source: QQ

Jay Chou at Hit FMJay Chou attends radio event

Heavenly king Jay Chou will be releasing his 11th album, "Exclamation Mark" on the 11th of November, Halloween is coming up, Director Chou participated in the Halloween event organised by the radio station, he got a taste of the Halloween atmosphere ahead of time, the radio station offered an "Exclamation Mark" winners champagne to wish Jay success with his album, they also got a pumpkin which is a must for Halloween, Director Chou was shown the unlimited creativity of DIY pumpkin lanterns; on the same day Director Chou releases his new album, Eason Chan will also release his new album "Question Mark", the two have very similar album names, Jay Chou stated that it's actually a good thing they both have a "mark", he himself will also go and buy Eason Chan's album, he hopes they can both do well.

A few days ago the Hong Kong print media reported that Jay Chou had already got married to his 13 year junior mixed model girlfriend Hannah while they holidayed in Europe, inevitably they asked about his relationship with Hannah? Director Chou stated that when he first heard the news he thought it was very funny, when he was interviewed by a magazine he did say he would get married when he was 35, that's probably a suitable age for marriage, in fact there's nothing to hide, there's also no need to get married at a hidden remote location, some reports have really been ridiculous, if he responded he would feel dumb for doing so, if he really got married Director Chou stated that he would probably go public with it, because they can not hide, he joked saying when it happens he might tell everyone by issuing a statement, he'll probably get married after two years, he does not want to have a generation gap with his children, finally he was asked if he any ideals in his heart? Director Chou said this question is a bit special, he'll have a think about it before telling everyone.

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