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Jay Chou likes to go to the toilet naked

by kelvin@multistars - 30th January 2005

A few days ago Jay was interviewed on Hit Fm's new show "HITO Very News", talking about his feelings about Patty Hou, he said smiling: "My maternal grandmother rather admires her." Also, he revealed the weird habit that he is used to being naked when taking number two, astounding the presenter.

They invited Jay to be the guest for the first episode of Hit Fm's new music entertainment show "HITO Very News", when the presenter asked him whether his rumour with Patty Hou was real or not, he said smiling: "Actually maternal grandmother likes girls like Patty Hou, maternal grandmother also once praised Patty Hou in Taiwanese saying she was very "shui"."

As for Jolin Choi's rumour, he said: "I'm very sorry classmate Choi!" because of the reports of the media, he once deliberately distanced himself from her, because the media can easily mislead everyone, even if he was just going out with a female friend, it would be written as a rumour.

Besides the sensitive love questions, he revealed he likes to take a number two naked. Jay explained, he is used to going to the toilet before bathing, so usually he takes off all his clothes going to the toilet, and then directly goes to bathe, anyway he feels if he wears trousers that have been put on after taking a number two, it feels wrong when sitting in a car or on the sofa, so it's best to bathe after going to the toilet, then he can feel pleasant all over.