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Jay Chou jealous of old love? Thankful not the one getting married

by kelvin@multistars - 2nd May 2010

Source: Liberty Times

Jay Chou has always been low key about his love life, a few days ago when he was promoting his concert "The Era", he generously revealed his take on love, towards his old love Patty Hou getting married, not sure if he was trying to look tough or he really is that unaffected, Jay Chou smiled saying: "Sometimes I'm thankful that person getting married is not me!"

Seeing lovers by his side tying the knot, Jay Chou doesn't have the impulse to get married, instead he's actually thankful he's not the groom, "Seeing them step into the altar, having a wife and child, it's actually turned into a bit of a reference for me, telling me not to get married too early, in my heart it's saying that being single is really great! My mother isn't hurried, I don't know what everyone else is hurried for."

Jay Chou always adds new elements to music, has his criteria for a girlfriend also changed with time? Jay Chou smiled replying: "Did you think my past girlfriends were similar types? Haha!" He said that there's no specific criteria when finding a girlfriend, feeling is actually more important, being worried about being labelled as dropping his friends for his girlfriend he didn't forget to add: "When I'm in love, even though my girlfriend will be number one, but buddies are still very important to me!"

Talking about the new album, Jay Chou kept the suspense, revealing there will be an element of electrica rock, it's a new thing since "Cowboy Is Very Busy", there's also something new in terms of dance, "Everyone will have to wait and see!"

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