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Jay Chou hasn't even sat in his Bat Mobile yet

by kelvin@multistars - 26th May 2010

Source: Chinatimes

Jay Chou went on "Here Comes Kang Xi" on the 26th to promote his new album, his buddies Jeffery Huang, JC Chan and The Drifters came to support him, he emotionally said: "Recently I've learnt something, I can't do magic for just anyone, now I have to confirm their identity."

He showed his new trick "turn mung beans into pork and prawn dumplings", Xiao S said it was childish: "Did you buy that prop with Xiao Zhong at the store." He said: "I do magic to be happy! It's got nothing to do with skill." He said frankly, he likes seeing the happy expressions on everyone's faces after the trick, before he would always do magic at a box in the restaurant for everyone to see, besides his friends, there were a lot of people he didn't know looking on, "In the past I did magic for whoever I bumped into, I had no impression of who I was doing the trick for, but recently I've not dared do magic without thinking, I have to confirm it's someone I know before doing it."

Xiao S talked about the very popular Bat Mobile, he said helplessly: "The Bat Mobile is a lot more expensive than antique cars! I haven't even sat in it myself, that basically can't go on the road, how can it carry people, I've only lent it to friends to take photos."

To Jay Chou's character, JC Chan guaranteed it, "His moral quality is even better than his music, that's why I'm willing to be friends with him." Jeffery Huang also said: "Some people use them, but no matter if it's Stanley Huang or Jay Chou, they are very tolerant."

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