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Jay Chou goes on "Kang Xi" wearing no underwear, Xiao S checks personally

by kelvin@multistars - 27th May 2010

Source: Sina

Jay Chou doing a magic trick for Xiao SJay Chou playing the piano for Xiao S

Yesterday (26th of May) Jay Chou went on "Here Comes Kang Xi" to promote his new album, when they were recording he exposed the fact he didn't like wearing underwear, Xiao S even went to personally check.

Jay Chou, who recently released "The Era", went on "Here Comes Kang Xi" on the 26th of May to promote his new album and the concert in the Taipei Arena, during the recording Jay Chou exposed the fact he doesn't like wearing underwear, causing Xiao S to shout: "So right now you're not wearing underwear?" She got up and went over to Jay Chou to check, Jay Chou said: "I'm really not wearing any!", after Xiao S finished examining she said: "He really isn't (wearing any)!", Kevin Tsai then asked: "Did you not wear any every time you came on Here Comes Kang Xi?", Jay Chou said: "Didn't! I really didn't wear any!" On the side Jeff added: "I'm not wearing any either!", Xiao S just tossed a few words "forget it!" and went back to her position.

Recently Jay Chou has been caught up in the controversy with Honey Chen, Kevin Tsai asked Jay Chou: "Did you feel our show dragged you into it?", Jeff responded: "It goes without saying your show is one that attracts trouble", Jay Chou also responded: "I think everyone is a victim", Kevin Tsai said: "But we didn't ask them, they wanted to talk about it themselves", Jeff immediately added "Nonsense", Kevin Tsai continued his questions: "So did you think we caused you trouble Jay Chou?", Jay Chou immediately nodded "Yes! Often friends see your show and what you say on it, but let bygones be bygones!" Xiao S immediately said: "OK! Let us welcome Honey Chen", immediately after she clarified to Jay Chou: "That one isn't our show, it has nothing to do with our show".

On the show, not only did Jay Chou play accompany music for Xiao S but he also did magic for her, but after the trick Xiao S pretended to be annoyed at being tricked and went back to her position, Jay Chou said: "I do magic to be happy! It's got nothing to do with skill", Jay Chou further expressed: "Recently I've been taught a lesson, I don't dare to do magic carelessly anymore, I have to confirm the identity of the other person, in the past because I did it for too many people! I really don't remember who there were".

Talking about the Bat Mobile in his collection, Jay Chou expressed: "The Bat Mobile is a lot more expensive than antique cars! I haven't even sat in it myself, that basically can't go on the road, I've only lent it to friends for photos!"

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