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Hides manhood pretending to be woman, Alan Luo asks if Director Chou loves him

by kelvin@multistars - 30th October 2010

Source: Chinatimes

Jay Chou's first presented show "Mr. J Channel" is being shown on CtiTV tonight at 8, the guest for the first episode is Alan Luo, who was once rumoured to have cut ties with him, Alan Luo said, Director Chou's catchphrase "Aiyo" was actually his, but because Jay become popular it became his. He revealed the two once went hand in hand into a hotel, playing a gay lovers game.

It has been rumoured that because Alan Luo supported Jolin Tsai, his relationship with Director Chou was on ice, later they made up. The show invited Alan Luo for the first episode, it is evident Jay sees him very importantly. Alan Luo said, a long time ago Jay forgot the keys to the hostel, the two went to a hotel to get a presidential suite, they deliberately held hands wanting the paparazzi to take pictures, but at the time Alan Luo wasn't popular and Jay was still a newcomer, so no paparazzi wanted to take pictures. After the two showered, they sat down in front of the window in their bathrobes, chatting and admiring the night view, before sleeping, Jay put a pillow between them, he warned Alan Luo not to cross the line, Jay said: "At the time he was a long haired beautiful man, I was afraid he would bump into me while sleeping."

Presenter A Du said, Jay Chou sleeps without wearing underwear, "Before goin to sleep he would guard it and keep it covered up, in the morning his bathrobe was open, I felt like I was walking in the park with a bird." Jay Chou was not resigned to being pincer attacked, he exposed Alan Luo's weird habit, "He would dress up like a girl, then open up his clothes, he would hold his thingy between his legs and ask me 'do I look like a girl'?"

Alan Luo likes sending Jay texts asking him "Do you love me?" Jay thought this was disgusting and just said he was a sister, Alan Luo forced him to say it, Jay said he was crazy, at the end he couldn't take anymore and just said "I love la". Alan Luo also calls Jay up and says "baby", Jay always hung up, he shouted at him for talking bullshit, at the end after being bothered about it he ended up saying baby, Jay admitted to all these surrenders to sexual harassment.

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