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Forewords of Grandeur de D Major

09 November 2004

Foreword One by mother

Thankful to God for giving me a baby boy - Mother Chou Ye Hui Mei

Thankful to God for giving me a baby boy on the 18th of January 1979, a bit chubby, when he smiles he has small dimples, his cute face really makes people like him.

From childhood when Jay hears music he will be excited and sway with the rhythm, not only did he love to watch Sun Yueh and Tao Da Wei's performances, he also often wears sunglasses imitating Gao Ling Feng singing, he will also sing and dance along with commercials sitting in front of the TV. When he was 3 he had an interest in recording, he would often carry a recorder recording his own sounds, or singing, or compiling a story, editing by himself, directing by himself, acting by himself and singing by himself.

At that same time when he was 4 years old in kindergarten, he learned to play the piano at the Shan Ye music class. Until the 3rd year, Jay once again proposed that he wanted to learn the cello and musicology, because of his love of music, he was willing to carry a heavy cello, getting on a crowded 262 bus to go to the cello lesson, you really felt heartache watching. So, I would often take him to the national music hall, to listen to performances by musicians, like, Yo-Yo Ma, Cho-Liang Lin, etc..., we definitely wouldn't miss them. Often, he would be excited and want us to listen to the songs he wrote. Sometimes he would be naughty and play the piano upside down like Amadeus, he super loved showing off!

Jay's creativity is not only displayed in music, one time he went on a TV programme, the presenter asked everyone to draw a girl wearing a skirt, someone drew a beautiful long skirt, mini skirt, or a girl with a fluffy skirt, only he drew a girl who was half naked in the process of putting on a skirt. I curiously asked: "Son, why did you draw this one?" He said naturally: "Not wrong, I drew a girl wearing a skirt." In fact his "wear" is a verb, his thinking logic was really different from others, this is his "naked girl wearing a skirt".

Jay who doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, doesn't go to night stalls, the thing that worries me the most is his old illness - ankylosing spondylitis, sometimes when I see him in so much pain, even when he gets up from bed to go to the door, he takes 20 minutes, being his mother, I could only shout in my heart: "God! Can I take the pain for him?" My son seeing my reluctance, instead he comforted me: "Mom, I'm alright, I'll be fine in a moment."

Besides his illness. Poor child, I'm very sorry! When he was in year 2, he had to face the reality of his parents separating, but I wanted him to know his father and mother will always love him, also at this time, only then did I discover he suddenly grew up. He had the rebellion when he was in his juvenile phase, he liked to wear big and wide trousers (Only now do I understand this is called hip hop), he had a centre parting hair style, or he would often play basketball and play till very late before he came home, occasionally it would make me angry.

He, who loved to show off and play cool, was very considerate. One day at night, I received a call, from the phone came his excited voice: "Mom, I'm at the Peace Hotel on the top floor in Shanghai, watching the night scenery of the beach, you would really love it, next time I'll take you here", that night, I cried. There was another night, he called back saying: "Mom, quickly go to the porch to see." I ran to the porch, I saw someone set off fireworks in the park, my son said: "Mom, did you see the fireworks, really beautiful right!"

In fact that day was Valentine's Day, he wanted to give me a surprise. My birthday this year, he was working abroad, he unexpectedly asked his colleagues at the company to plan to make me go to the company, and give me my birthday present, eat the cake, sing the birthday song, this group of children said: "I'm not only Jay Chou's mother, I'm everyone's mother (It was super moving.....)." Jay really is lucky, everyone in the company, are just like a big family's brothers and sisters being with him.

From when he released his first album, receiving everyone's support and affirmation, I was really afraid he would be arrogant, conceited, when he got a GMA for the first time, I held his hand, telling him: "Mom is proud of you! But you need to know how to be modest; being an artist, what you need is confidence and not complacency." Thankful to God, for being so good to him! Wish he continued to write good songs, sharing with even more people.

Foreword Two by maternal grandmother

He will always be a child who is not yet a man

When Jay was little, granddad and I brought him up. He was very lively; he liked to jump up and down on the sofa. Every time granddad saw him and his cousin jumping, his granddad would be really angry, shouting at his cousin, instead Jay was the one who was fine. His granddad loved him fondly, he wouldn't shout at him. When he was little, his granddad liked to take him everywhere to play, like Beitou, YangMing Mountain, restaurant, he would take him. When he couldn't walk, his granddad carried him everyday not willing to let go.

When he was writing his school assignment, his cousin didn't obediently write according to the time, his granddad started to shout, his cousin hid under the table afraid of being hit. It was only all right for Jay not to write it. His granddad was actually very strict to his own grandchildren; he would shout all the time. Don't know why, as long as it was Jay who did something wrong, his granddad would be very quiet; he wouldn't do anything to him.

When he was little, Jay was very filial. When we were eating, he couldn't bare to eat first, he would pick up the vegetables saying, grandma this one tastes good, grandma eat first, and then he would pick vegetables for his own bowl. Growing up was like this. He was very polite to his grandma. Every time I asked him, are you hungry, if you're hungry, you need to tell grandma. Sometimes, I would ask him, do you still have any money, if you don't have any you can take some from grandma. He would say, no need, I've still got some. Grandma don't cook, I'll call for a takeaway for grandma to eat. This made grandma feel he was very considerate.

Every Sunday he would come to my house, running behind his mother, each step she took, he would follow to that step, his relationship with his mother is the best. If he heard a good old song, he would say, grandma, I'll play it for you to listen. I see little children playing piano on programmes, I would think, our Jay plays it better, his posture is very beautiful and cute, he should sign up and go on TV.

Seeing him when he was little, I would know in my heart, this child would be remarkable in the future. Sometimes I would want to give him encouragement, hoping that he takes care of his body, because it's not like living at home when he's living on the outside by himself, I can't see him as well. I often think, this child lives so far away, I wonder if he can take care of himself? I cannot go to see him everyday, his health is also not good, I'm most worried about his health, and it's very tough preparing for his concert.

That time he had a concert in Hong Kong, he had a serious cold, and I felt really sad in my heart watching. If his body had problems, my heart also feels very painful. Sometimes, I'm thinking that, onstage one person needs to sing and dance, sitting offstage, so many people were all watching my grandson perform, grandma really felt proud. He really is a good child.

Thank you for everyone's help to our Jay, without you, he wouldn't be able to get by by himself.

Foreword Three by father

My son, magician of pop music

Being the only son, very naturally he became the treasure of the adults in the family, paternal grandfather and grandmother, maternal grandfather and grandmother's baby grandson, the old people fondly loved their grandson, no matter where they went they would certainly take Jay with them, even when his maternal grandfather who is a lawyer needed to go to the restaurant to discuss cases with clients, you would see Jay's little shadow following behind.

When Jay was still little, we would often go to the seaside as a family of 3 stepping on the waves, he, who was playful, had especially many positions for taking pictures, when other children obediently stood, squatting down to take a picture, he would definitely run to the front of the camera, or twist his waist, or make a ghostly face to steal the camera. He, who loved to perform, apart from liking to play the piano, record, when he was only 5 to 6 he liked to buy some cards used in magic, learning step by step, unexpectedly he got the trick to perform magic, at family gatherings he would perform standing upside down surprising us time after time.

Since Jay was little he liked to show off, not only did he wear wide trousers, he had a centre parting hairstyle, even for car he had to ride a motorbike. In middle school he studied at Dan Jiang middle school music class, everyday from Taipei Tamsui commuting, just the journey he spent two hours, I wanted to buy him a motorcycle "moped". The result, Jay said he wanted a heavy FZR, just because you only look cool riding a heavy model, but I rejected it considering safety, we had a big argument for "coolness" or "riding safety". But at the end, I was still persuaded, I bought a second hand FZR for him.

To his own work, life or outward appearance he had his own judgement, just like magic, Jay liked to give everyone a surprise, and not conservative imitation. What I'm really gratified about is that when a lot of youngsters still couldn't find the direction in the vague future, Jay found his direction and target - music creation. Because of participating in a music competition he entered into the circle of performance, all the accomplishments he has now, was not achieved with just his strength, I'm really grateful to the insight of Brother Xian (Jacky Wu), letting Jay enter into the music circle; meeting good friend Vincent Fang who he has a great understanding with, matching with his individual style lyrics; and also all the promotional colleagues' help at Alfa Music, only this has allowed him to fully use his most loved music in his career.

Foreword Four by Vincent Fang

The Amadeus of the Chinese Pop music world

Following Jay's musical creation engulfing and shocking the whole Chinese world, after not only overturning but shaking what the new generation is used to listening to, from this it has tightened Jay's established position as the R&B young heavenly king of the Chinese music industry. Stimulating this so called new wave upsurge of R&B, often there will be people who are curious and inquire about the interactive relationship between me and Jay in music creation and also the way I see Jay.

According to these couple of years of observation and actual getting along, and also under the close collaboration of the lyrics of 5 albums, what kind of a person is Jay really? What is the difference between me and him in music creation? I think I should summarize it here; well that is Jay is a "genius style composer" and I am a "diligent style lyricist".

In 1984, at that time the US had a film called "Amadeus", it won the Best Film in the Oscars, 8 big awards. It gave an excellent performance in the film industry, it was on everybody's lips, and "Amadeus" is a biography style film that described musical child prodigy Mozart. A part of the contents was talking about the emotional knot between Mozart and the music teacher in the palace Salieri and also the unavoidable conflict of the tragic nature. Salieri is a diligent style music teacher in the palace, before Mozart appears he possessed the master class position of being worshipped and admired. Yet, after Mozart appeared everything changed from this point. Because no matter how much Salieri used his brain and neglect his sleep and meals to compose, his work would always never be able to catch up with Mozart's genius style, the endless inspiration and the casual composing of picking at random. From this point Salieri fell into the bottom of the valley from high in the clouds. From pure worshipping of Mozart to derivative jealousy and enmity, very painful, he also committed suicide by slitting his wrists at old age.

Of course I am not Salieri, because we have different specialized regions. The media and material I write are characters and not music so therefore Jay and me are not under the condition of competing. And what I am trying to open and cultivate are lyrics with wider themes and scope, which is not a part Jay is an expert in but I myself think of it as belonging to a "diligent style lyricist". I will work hard to analyse, deconstruct the subject matter creation of lyrics and direction, like researching a knowledge to create lyrics. Reflecting that abounding inexhaustible creative source, like the immaturity of games and musical creation of the freedom to write freely, that is what I admire and that I am left far behind.

Even though I am not the music teacher in the palace Salieri, but yet Jay is the Mozart in my eyes. A "genius style composer", the Amadeus of the Chinese music world.

Note by kelvin: Vincent is so lazy, he just took the bit he wrote for Jay in Jay's diary and updated it.

Foreword Five by Jolin Choi

Four years ago that "dipped head mister"

I remember when I was recording my 3rd album, my producer - when teacher Wei Song was watching TV eating, he suddenly pointed at the MV on TV saying: "This kid's song is not bad, has very good chance....." When I heard him say this, I thought from my confused mind a glance finally, lifting my head, I didn't see a cool Jay heavenly king, but a "certain boy" with a super low cap, at that time I didn't even remember his name clearly, until a certain time I went on Brother Xian (Jacky Wu)'s "I guess I guess I guess guess guess" show, I met him for the first time.

At that time I was in a situation of having two candles burning at each end, so I was often embarrassingly absent-minded, especially when recording, at that time I thought the guest only needed to guess the topic, right when I was preparing to "hibernate", I was unluckily called to act in a short play, Jay at that time was the same him I saw in the MV, his head was always low (It was about even more lower than when I take a doze sitting down). He sits with his head low, acting with his head low, even when he walks he has his head low, I thought in my heart "What does he look like, this person seems to have quite a lot of concerns!" The wonderful thing was that after a couple of days I unexpectedly was rumoured with this "dipped head mister", that day when he went on the newspaper was actually the first time I saw his face! I think it was probably God punishing me for not knowing good stuff, afterwards I would often be bombarded by heavenly king Chou's fans, it also let me know how hard it is to make a friend in the circle, move or not you have to compare this one, compare that one. Making a friend is like doing an interview. But fortunately Jay, Xiao Zhu (Alan Luo) and I can be considered as optimistic people, especially Xiao Zhu, letting this group of friends continue to maintain this rare friendship.

It is really easy to get along with Jay privately, only need to take him as a big brother worshipping him, occasionally you have to yield to him like yielding to a little brother, after all he is an only son, this group of friends just like that became his brother and sisters, when we go out it is always him who looks after us, if you fight to pay the bill you will get chopped by his "Double Blade"! But when he does magic for pastime entertainment, when someone accidentally sees through it, you absolutely have to be like coaxing a little brother "Wow", so amazing! How did you do this? I cannot see through it! Can you do it one more time." This time Jay will really did it again! Not only this but even more cooler! Don't say we bully him; we are only stroking the fleece in the right direction, haha!

The first time I worked with him, it should have been "Chivalric Spirit" right! Oh God, I've never been so shy! Not because I had to be face to face with him, but because I needed to sing rap. He would call from the recording studio a few days before and say "Just sing it like the demo, really quickly." But Heaven knows he is a genius, how can his rap be simple, the result was in the recording studio, I sang as quiet as a "ant", it was also the first time I saw his solemn side, just saying "What are you singing! Sing louder, did you listen to the demo to practise?" At that time I nearly cried, I didn't have any feeling for singing, yet that song had to be the first song I sang after one and a half years of dreariness, under the double pressure, fortunately the result that came out was not bad, Jay also helped out after half a year, writing some songs to give to me, I really was super touched, I thank him for not giving up on me this student, I really am very grateful!

Everyone feels honour and glory from Jay's accomplishments, of course we are not an exception, no matter how the outside world gives him pressure, he stands mightily and doesn't waver just like before, still he is distantly leading in his field, doing what he wants to do, we take him as an example, continuing to work hard in each of our careers, hoping to be as successful and free as him. This group of friends is like a big group of fans supporting him, silently caring for him, praying for him, hoping he is always cute and cool, always good, and will be even better, go Jay!