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Female to be long haired girl, Director Chou's "Rooftop" revealed early

by kelvin@multistars - 23rd May 2012

Source: UDN

Jay Chou has been all around Taiwan hunting for locations

It seems Jay Chou's second self directed movie's name "Rooftop" has been accidentally revealed early, as the movie's producer Will Liu stated: "The temporary name of the movie is indeed Rooftop, we have submitted applications for locations with this name, but whether or not the movie will be called Rooftop at the end is still undecided."

As soon as news broke, netizens began discussing it, there has even been news that says the plot will cleverly combine the star "Chouchiehlun" named after Jay Chou; why is the movie named "Rooftop", Will Liu stated: "This movie is written by Jay, he is directing it, starring in it, everything regarding the movie name and plot are done personally by Jay." But at present they have not arranged to mix in the "Chouchiehlun" star, it's all in the netizen's imagination.

Talking about "Rooftop", Will Liu stated: "This is a very unique film, the state and life force of the movie is completely different to Secret, there are elements of love, the bold and imaginative story will have many surprises, it's not an easy challenge for the crew."

For the movie "Secret" they went back to Jay Chou's school, the new movie "Rooftop" will include locations from Mainland China and Taiwan, besides getting scenes from Shanghai, they will travel across Taiwan to get shots; just hunting for locations has been tough on Director Chou, because of his back problem he can't sit in a car for a long time, the location hunting included the Northeast, Xiluo Street, Taichung, Gaoxiong and more, Director Chou brought along a pillow, he leaned on it with his neck, you can tell how much effort he is putting into this new movie.

Apart from the already known cast of Eric Tsang and Anthony Wong, the key female lead is still a mystery, Will Liu stated: "We still haven't found a female lead, Jay hopes to use a newcomer, we have found a few who are not bad, but we haven't decided yet." He encouraged newcomers to come take a screen test, the requirements are a height of no more than 170cm, long hair, a stand out newcomer. Will "Rooftop" start filming in June on schedule, Will Liu stated: "We can definitely start filming, otherwise the season will change."

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