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Dyed blond hair copying Korean style? Jay Chou: I only do Chinese style

by kelvin@multistars - 3rd December 2012

Source: UDN

Jay Chou with blond hair

The night before yesterday Jay Chou appeared on the same stage as Zhang Zi Yi for the first time at a Mainland China award ceremony, he bashly accepted Zhang's award presentation, he revealed he watched Zhang's martial arts moves in the trailer for Wong Kar Wai's new movie "The Grandmasters", he hopes the two have a chance to work together in a movie in the future, Zhang generously accepted the offer, she couldn't help but praise Jay's abs, that he exercised well and that it was very surprising.

Jay Chou has achieved success with his training, the Mainland China male reporters asked for verification, he happily obliged, the whole interaction was amusing, you can tell he feels very proud of his figure.

What is being questioned is not his muscles but his blond hair. After the Golden Horse awards ceremony ended, he dyed his hair blond and it became one of the looks for his new album, the look has attracted two polar opinions, he has been questioned on whether he is copying the Korean trend with his blond hair, to this, Jay Chou said in a relaxed tone: "Blond hair is Europe and America right, plus in the MV Fine Day I dyed my hair, I've never had blond hair since I debuted." With this is clarified he persists with Chinese style and he's not being led by the nose by the Korean trend.

He leads the Chinese music trend, his name has long been an important keyword, just the words "Jay Chou", has been searched by 10 hundred million people, his classic song "East Wind Breaks" has been searched 7 hundred million times, he is popular, at the end of December everyone is looking forward to him releasing his new album "12 New Works".

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