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Director Chou marries Hannah in England, writes his own romantic down the aisle song

by kelvin@multistars - 18th January 2015

Source: Chinatimes

Jay Chou and Hannah exchange rings

Jay Chou and Hannah held their wedding in Selby Abbey in England in the afternoon on the 17th, Hannah's father led Hannah down the aisle and handed her over to Jay Chou, there were two ministers there to bear witness, the two exchanged rings and vows, completing their marriage! There was a choir and band playing there, add to that the blessings from friends and family, the atmosphere was romantic and joyful! The special thing was, there was a different from normal wedding song whilst she walked down the aisle, Director Chou wrote his own song for the wedding, the band there played it, the romantic song made the wedding take on a different atmosphere!

Jay Chou and Hannah walk down the aisle
Jay Chou and Hannah hold their wedding in Selby Abbey in England
Jay Chou and Hannah look sweet in wedding photos
Jay Chou and Hannah take their wedding photos abroad
Jay Chou and Hannah as white knight and princess

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