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Director Chou handles everything himself, only Vincent Fang can help him with the look

by kelvin@multistars - 20th December 2012

Source: Chinatimes

Jay Chou busy with filming movie and making albumJay Chou with his mother Ye Hui Mei

A few days ago Jay Chou was interviewed by "milk" magazine, he stated he handled all the little and big things in his new album "12 New works", he was both the headmaster and bell ringer in a sense, but to be honest he has his hands full, "I've been doing a lot of things that I don't need to do, but I can't trust it with anyone else."

He can have inspiration at any time, he hopes anyone with him can take that and bounce ideas back, the ones who have the best chemistry with him is his makeup artist and Vincent Fang, "Like when I said I wanted hip hop that was very like rice pudding or like farmers, my makeup artist can grab onto this concept image." Once he gets a good chemistry going with someone, he doesn't change people easily, a majority of his staff have been with him since he debuted.

He releases an album every year, recently he has been directing and starring in his own movie "Rooftop", he made his album and worked on the post production of the movie at the same time, every day he gets home at 5 in the morning, he continues to learn new instruments, "Actually I have my hands full, I have to sacrifice a lot of sleep, I split it between many different jobs, as long as everyone can see the effort put into each piece of work, I don't think about getting tired."

On the day of filming the magazine cover, he brought his mother along, he took the chance to get some parenting time in, he said, he works over 10 jobs, he has different positions and roles, the one he pays most attention to is being a son, "I care most about what my mother thinks, when I'm writing I ask her for her opinion, to see if she likes my songs, whether or not the MV is fun?"

Being a director, he looks to emulate Michael Jackson, in the past he anticipated Michael's new songs the most, repeating watching his MVs. He filmed MVs for every song, with budgets the same as movies. JVR said, he will be filming 12 MVs for his new album, there is no limit to the budget.

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