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Director Chou edits movie for 30hr, only stops to spend his birthday with his mother

by kelvin@multistars - 18th January 2013

Source: Chinatimes

Jay Chou with his birthday cake

Jay Chou's movie "The Rooftop" has entered post production, he is eager to see the results, he spends all night editing, his longest record staying in the editing studio is 30 hours, he doesn't leave work, the other staff don't dare to leave, on his birthday on the 18th, the staff gave him a "director's cut cake" to celebrate his birthday, he smiled saying: "They let me eat cake, they want to make me happy and make me go home early and not edit anymore. This year for my birthday I'm going home to eat with my mom, I'll stop working for a day!" "The Rooftop" was expected to be released in March but has been delayed until June.

He has made the editing studio like his home, the staff call him "crazy editor", he said: "Editing is like clothing your newly born child, you have to watch every shot, every scene, watch it until morning, you have to choose, rejoin things, there's no time for sleep." He said when "The Rooftop" finished filming, he didn't feel very excited, but seeing the highlights that have come out from the editing he suddenly feels very touched.

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