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Compilation of Tidbits (work)

01 May 2005

Compiled by jaycn from various news sources and translated by

1. When Jay is rushing about in his schedule he likes to take his top off in the car and sunbathe

2. Jay likes to play with his co-workers, usually he does magic for them, play cards with them and he badly promotes "Ding Dang"'s figure making her go on a diet.

3. When Jay starts working, he becomes very solemn, sometimes when you try talk to him, he doesn't take notice, concentrating on making music

4. When he's recording music, he doesn't like to be disturbed, so he records it in secret, because he likes to give people surprises in music. When he lets his friends listen to it he asks them "is it diao?", he makes them clap their hands while listening to it

5. When Jay was writing the song "Actress Specialised In Military Roles" for Coco Lee, he called Coco "Miss Coco" from beginning to end, he only started calling her Coco when he became more familiar with her

6. Jay has a way of composing ringtones, the ringtone of Taiwanese artist Zheng Yu was composed by him, this was the second time he wrote for her. Of course, he is indeed a gifted writer, he took her phone and pressed a few times, it was no longer than 10 minutes and he had finished the song!

7. The first time Jay went to America to hold a concert, Jay went to the famous Las Vegas, of course he played a few, the interesting thing was when he was at the betting table, the dancers and workers beside him starting dancing and cheering for him, it made the owner of the casino look at them, wondering who Jay is

8. ASOS went to Jay's company to record "Gift Of Love", when they went in they saw a pile of Jay's trainers, Xiao S picked up one out of curiosity and smelled it, she discovered Jay's trainers do not smell, and she got Da S to confirm this, they took 3 to 4 of trainers that Jay wore often and they "really didn't stink!" and they asked Jay "Why does your feet not stink? Was it that after you became popular, your feet also didn't stink anymore?"

9. One time at The Department of the Interior, they donated their proceeds from the performance to the 921 disaster
Jacky: Why does the media love you so much and not me?
Jay: It's about what good things you've done...
Jacky: Hey!
Jacky expressed his feelings about this event: ...I hope our love turns into rich earth....
He looked at Jay, hoping for him to continue the speech
Jay: hmm, you've written this one quite well!
Jacky: Hey! What do you mean written, this is The Department of the Interior, don't talk without thinking

10. At Jacky Wu's press conference for "Love Makes Everything Right", Jay especially came on stage, Jacky was moved and surprised, he said what's the point of getting Jay he won't talk....Jay firstly sang "Leaving me, will you feel better" This is hinting at Jacky selling Alfa Music
He also wrote on Jacky's card "Old Jacky love songs, selling 300,000 copies, here's a tank as a present" This is revenge for Jacky not fulfilling his promise before of giving him a sports car
Jacky: In this life, I've not done anything bad against Jay, if I really had, then it is my album release this time, perhaps it will affect Jay's sales....
Jay offered his blessing: I wish your album the best of sales, top the sales chart as number one for as long as a year
Jacky sighed: Got it! Your skill of talking has improved

11. At the celebration party of The Eight Dimensions breaking the 1,000,000 barrier, Jay invited his father to celebrate together. The reporters asked father Chou what present he wanted for Father's Day.
Father Chou: The biggest present he can give me is his health and happiness (he said this twice)
Jay said by the side: Xia xia xia xia
The reporters also asked about his feelings on Jay and Jolin's rumours.
Father Chou: He lives his life, I live mine
Jay: What kind of father are you
The reporters asked if he listened to Jay's songs
Father Chou: Yes! After I hear his songs, I will get some "inspiration"
After Jay saw this news, he gave his father permission
He is a very funny person, normally he has a cool face, but he often acts immature
(This actually sounds like Jay talking about himself, they really are father and son)

12. Chubby Ding Dang (promotional staff) is often the object of Jay's teasing, in the free time they had when filming The Final Battle MV, Jay wanted the staff to throw peanuts and for Ding Dang to use her mouth to catch them.
He himself stood on the side with a V8 and introduced: Now you can see what is...a red...hippopotamus! It made Ding Dang so angry she grabbed Jay's V8 from his hands

13. For filming the MV for The Tea Grandpa Makes, Jay especially went to learn how to make tea from a teacher, the teacher said that tea has dieting effects, Jay immediately called Ding Dang to his side, he evilly made Ding Dang try the little amount of tea he just made
Ding Dang drank a bit and nearly spurt it out saying: It's so bitter
Jay: See! She's already ten kilograms skinnier

14. In the free time while filming The Tea Grandpa Makes MV, Mother Chou kindly brought along fish ball soup for everyone, Jay joked first saying they shouldn't let Ding Dang eat, after Ding Dang ate some he teased her: Fish ball eats fish ball

15. In the free time while filming Dragon Fist, Jay played around using his V8 to film Ding Dang coming over
He also chatted idly with the staff beside him: Crazy! There's no sun so why wear sunglasses
When Ding Dang came closer, Jay said to the staff: Hurry and pretend there's nothing wrong...the one we see right now is Xiao Ying...
The staff chuckled: Jay you are so bad

16. When filming the MV for Wife, because he was dragged up by director Kuang-Sheng Fu at 2 in the morning so when he was doing interviews he was suddenly delirious, when he was asked to sing a bit of Wife, he had to look at the lyrics to sing it, when asked what type of girl he liked, he said: "long haired, classical beauty, phoenix eyes, cute, wears skirts", the reporters didn't let him off, they made Jay pick one of the models there, this made him very embarrassed and then the reporters made him pick one from 4 In Love, Jay said nervously: "No more!", at the end Jay already picked Ding Dang who has long hair and phoenix eyes, it made Ding Dang run for cover

17. When filming the MV for Bullfight, the Jacky Wu family and members of Hei Ren team all came to support Jay, in fact Jay is actually Hei Ren's junior classmate at Jin Hua middle school, the senior classmates kept joking around with Jay, Jacky questioned all the time about last time when he lent Jay a sports car to film the Clear Stars MV, the result was that the car's behind got scratched, Jay explained for half a day and still didn't make it clear. And then Kang Kang laughed saying Jay was still a virgin, making Jay super embarrassed, the other people asked why, Kang Kang said: "Just look at his face, if you loosen his button he'll run away!"

18. When filming the MV for Tornado, Jay and the staff played a game, before starting Jay shouted: "The loser will be the stupidest!" The result was that Jay lost, the staff all shouted together at Jay: "The stupidest!" The filming set for the MV was an unauthorised military base, but director Kuang-Sheng Fu still used a large amount of explosives effect, the most vexing matter was the scenes with the female lead Tammy Chen, the two's performance was very shy, this made Kuang-Sheng Fu personally demonstrate how to hug Jay, Jay thought this was very funny.

19. For The Eight Dimensions press conference, Alfa Music especially invited 7 goddesses to come and give support, even though the 7 goddesses had small tops on, they performed to their best but they got heartless criticism from Jay "completely disappointed", he also talked about each of the 7 goddesses tastes "standing at the side" "You look good wearing clothes this way?" even the medicine the 7 goddesses gave out of kindness was grabbed by Jay "This was just taken from by drawer"

20. Will Liu published a fitness book, ASOS asked Jay: "Do you think Will should wear a bra?" Jay said: "If he wears anymore it will be too big"

21. Jay went on Asian Information, he accepted questions from reporters, Jay was not happy with the reporters always asking him about his love life, when Jay seized a chance to ask a question back, Jay unexpectedly asked a daring question "When was your first experience of sex?" The reporter was speechless.

22. When they were promoting The Eight Dimensions, Jay went on Hei Ren's Entertainment News, Hei Ren described the scene when Jay lost a basketball match, in the middle of the night at 2 to 3, Jay shouted at the houses near the basketball court "I am Jay Chou! I want everyone in Taipei to know that I don't know how to play basketball!"

23. In order to promote The One concert, Jay went on the entertainment show presented by Zhang Shan Wei and Zax Wang (member of 5566), in the show they played charades to guess names of Jay's songs, the last 3 were done by Jay and for the presenters to guess. The name was already guessed but Jay continued (at this time the cameraman and the audience were waiting to see what Jay would do)
The presenter didn't know the topic had finished at all, still watching Jay's hand signs and guessing like crazy, at last Jay gave a hint: if clothes are left for a long time what happens?
Presenter: Goes musty! No (Still thinking of a Jay song with "no" as the start)
At the end Jay did a hand sign of two hands hugging saying: Nothing
Presenter: Jay! Why did you play us!

24. At the Fantasy celebration party, Jay clumsily pop the champagne to celebrate, Jacky Wu laughed at him for not having experience, Jay asked the reporters if they would get drunk from having champagne? The reporters tricked him: No! So under the sweet-talking of the reporters, Jay drank three in a row, Jay said he felt dizzy, a mysterious smile starting to appear on his face, everyone wanted to test if Jay was drunk or not, they wanted him to perform huang mei diao (musical genre) live.
Jay said: Huang mei diao right? Simple!
Then he sung: Left hand gong, right hand beat, holding a gong and drum to sing
He sang huang mei diao as Feng Yang Flower Drum
Jacky Wu and the family: Jay you are really drunk!!

25. When filming the commercial for one2free, Jay, who is usually very cool, was full of weird thoughts, no one knew what he was thinking. One time Pei Pei saw him go into the girls' toilets by accident!
Pei Pei: The boys and girls toilets in Prague are hard to distinguish, but all the staff members didn't go into the wrong one, only Jay was the one who stupidly went into the wrong one, I personally saw him come out from the girls toilets, the other girls all let out an "ah"! Our dialog was like this:
Jay asks: What?
I say: What are you doing?
He says: I went to the toilet, what?
I say: Take a look at the picture on the door, it's a girl!
He says: Oh? Really? I didn't notice!
His face was still very cool, a face of not caring too much, but this embarrassing matter of his already made us laugh for two days, ever since whenever he goes to the toilet he will lift his head and look at the picture first!

26. Pei Pei: Actually it wasn't too cold the few days we went to Prague, it was about 11-12 degrees! I remember there was a scene me and Jay stood on the side of the bridge, whenever he didn't have to film, he would immediately put on a denim jacket, he only took it off when he had to film, we teased him "a boy who can't take the cold", ha ha! He didn't retort back at me, because I only wore a top, I often eat spicy food in Sichuan, so my body is warm regularly, I'm not scared of the cold!

27. Pei Pei: There was one scene, the director wanted me and Jay's head close together, but he and I didn't know what to do, so his makeup artist showed me how to hug his waist, at that time I was going to do it with him, I stretched my arms out to hug Jay's waist, but I hadn't even touched him yet and he already jumped away and said: "He's just joking! Joking!" The other colleagues laughed at him for being the shyest boy, those few days he was nearly enraged to death by us because the others kept on imitating his nervous face.

28. Choreographer teacher Ice Cream whose original name is Huang Xin Yu, once choreographed dances for Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, JJ Lin, Toro, etc...His best is hip hop style dance. How does he evaluate the idol students he's taught?

Jay is usually a very hip hop person, everything he wears is hip hop. On the stage, he is used to doing things he's got certainty in, like playing the piano; he doesn't dance much on stage because he thinks he's still not good enough, he doesn't have the certainty in it. But privately, he is a person who likes dancing a lot, he often comes down to dance in the practise room, he also often invents some moves for us to see, asking: "Hey, is this diao?"

29. Jay has released his latest EP, in the second plugged song "Broken String", Jay brings his beloved car that he painted pink into the shot, making a deep impression on fans, Jay: "Today I got to use it, it's got a lot of dust, but that's not deliberate." But when he saw the classical antique car the director borrowed, Director Chou immediately changed heart, Little Pink suddenly got thrown into the cold palace, Jay: "I wanted to have it towards the hip hop route, I didn't want to see the car at the side here and then I wanted to drive away my car."

Jay: "Even though I said I bought a car, and that I wanted to make it hip hop, but still not like black people's, so diao, but not Zhen Jian Zhou (Hei Ren), it is black people in America."
He completely sees this new love as a dream car, Jay loves it completely, but Jay, who was already in a state of craziness over it, did something that made everyone there laugh, staff: "Mister, you don't have to close the windows on a convertible ok?"

In order to film this MV, Jay woke up at 4am for makeup, the director was good to him, since having busty western girls in "In The Name Of The Father" and "Double Blade", there were also beautiful girls in "East Wind Breaks" and "Fine Day", this time the director especially arranged for a female lead that looks like "Cecilia Cheung", the two played as two young lovers. In order to make the MV even better, the director designed many scenes of Jay and the female lead, hoping the two have a nice date in the MV, but Jay who is helplessly shy just couldn't unleash his acting skills, making the director yell cut, afterwards Jay decided to play games with the female lead outside filming, he was laughed at for playing "immature" games such as "turtle bash turtle". When the game started, Jay was winning, the female lead was constantly losing and having her ears and cheeks pinched, but afterwards she won and she fiercely pinched Jay's cheek, Jay said: "Girls indeed really shouldn't to be trifled with!" The staff beside him laughed saying: "You are already old but you still play such immature games."

30. Last year when Jay released "The Eight Dimensions", he was set to be the front cover person for TIME. The white reporter Kate spent 3 months talking to the record company about the contents of the story, the interview and the photographs took a whole week. Apart from photographing Jay playing basketball, video games, etc...; Jay recording at the studio, writing songs, she also interviewed his teachers, classmates, friends and mother Chou, talking about the background to his upbringing, she even went to Tamsui High School to do the interviews. The contents of the report were really detailed.

Jay remembers the interview as fast and efficient, and this article interview repeated over a week really made him marvel. Not only did Kate spend a lot of time to do homework in order to fully understand Jay's background, the issue with Jay in it broke the record for the most space in TIME Asia version for Chinese artists. And the thing that made Jay drop his jaw was that Kate played basketball with him, the great skills of the western female reporter made him have his back problem again.

31. When Jay was singing "Bullfight" at the Singapore concert, when he had 3 basketballs to throw to the audience, he threw one in the wrong direction, right up, at this point Jay nervously put his hands on his head, afraid that the ball would land on his head, fortunately it did not, the ball bounced on the stage once and the choreographer helped him pick it back up.