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Compilation of Tidbits (student and love)

01 May 2005

Compiled by jaycn from various news sources and translated by

1. Jay was a "lady killer" when he was in high school, he has had three serious relationships, the non-serious ones, well they don't count! His ultimate move in chasing girls is to pass a piece of paper to the female classmate, but his "love letter" is very unique, because he will draw on it "cute pigs" and "Doraemon" as illustrations.

2. Jay has a very good classmate, the two are known as the luxurious twins. When Jay became popular he met him once, and he shouted loudly that he was a cheater! In fact in the third year of high school, with his intuition this classmate felt that Jay would be a star in the future, so he photographed some pictures that were good for covers and inside pages and they agreed that when he releases an album he would use them, the result was that Jay came out with two albums and didn't use them.

3. When Jay was in high school he often went to a girl's house to play the keyboard, the two went to piano lessons together, but he went to the piano lessons every time without washing his hands after playing basketball, the result was that the white keys turned black, causing the girl to have to clean it after the lesson.

4. One time Jay and a male classmate cut class to play basketball, they ran into a teacher, they hastily escaped by climbing the wall, the male classmate jumped over in one go but yet Jay stood at the bottom unwilling to climb, so the classmate had to accompany him to be "captured alive" by the teacher, afterwards the classmate complained to him, only then did Jay tell him his secret, he was scared of the dog on the other side of the wall, up till now his classmate still teases him with this.

5. When he released his first album he met his first girlfriend at the airport, she worked as the ground staff at the airport, she said to him: "You've released an album, how come you didn't give me a copy?" And so Jay promised to give her a copy next time, but afterwards he didn't use that plane anymore so he had to get some staff members to help him deliver the album.

6. In primary school how did Jay "get" beauties, he, who isn't good at talking, liked to use kindness, every time he plays dodge ball the hero scenes from "Reestablishment of the nation by Tiandan" would always come up, otherwise he would especially cover her, when the ball comes he'd hurriedly go in front to block, or he'd deliberately use the ball and hit her lightly and let her retreat to the safety zone.

And the only time he did something daring was when Jay wrote in the girl's graduation book "No matter how many guys are after you, I won't give up", who could have know these words were just lies, after graduation Jay didn't contact her anymore.

7. "End Of The World" which Jay wrote for SBDW is the love story between him and an "Aquarius" girl when he was working.

At that time the boss of "Alfa Music" Jacky Wu signed Jay but yet he didn't help him prepare to release an album, everyday he went to Jacky Wu's pub at Chung Hsiao east Road Section 4 mall where he worked by singing. "At that time, I would go to this place to sing 1 to 2 hours, this Aquarius girl would often sit offstage listening to me sing."

"The first time I saw her, I thought she was ok, after she came often, occasionally she would go onstage to sing with me, singing and singing, I began having a kind of special feeling towards her." When he talked to this point, Jay put his cap sideways and put it back again (perhaps he was nervous), then he continued, he said: "She was very strange, she gave her home number to a lot of people in the pub, but didn't give it to me."

One day, Jay summed up the courage to ask "Aquarius" to go the see "Armageddon", she agreed, Jay was very happy, when he drove his motorcycle to pick her up, he was fined for speeding, when she got on his bike, she sat on the back seat, when she held him tightly with her hands, "At that time, my feeling was, I've finally got her." But, Jay was happy too soon, when he reached the destination, "Aquarius" was very grateful to Jay for driving her, she had an arrangement with another friend so she couldn't see "Armageddon" which starred Bruce Willis.

"At that time, I was so hurt I thought I had gone crazy, fortunately, I hadn't, I only drove slowly back home, I picked up the guitar, sadly wrote "disguise the tears that are dropping...." this song "End Of The World"." Jay was asked, "This Aquarius girl, did she know this song was written for her?" Jay shook his head, "Not important. The important thing was that at that moment I was really hurt."

8. After Jinhua Junior High School, Jay experienced the taste of "love at first sight" in the second year, he wrote down the first real love, Jay said that that was the girl in the class next door, oval face, a lot like a wine bottle, skinny, her hair was to her shoulder, she was an Aquarius with a strange personality. (It's the same as the story of End Of The World, again an Aquarius girl!)