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Compilation of Tidbits (music)

01 May 2005

Compiled by jaycn from various news sources and translated by

1. "Lovable Woman" was written for Jacky Wu (the lyrics had already been written by Jacky Wu and it was called "Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter", but Jacky didn't like it and gave it back and then Vivian Hsu wrote the lyrics)

2. "Ninja" was originally planned for Amei Zhang, Amei didn't think it was suitable and so rejected it.

3. "Dad I Have Come Back" was originally going to be sung by Kang Kang (At the beginning Vincent Fang wrote the lyrics called "Smack My Bitch Up", when it was given to Jacky Wu he rejected it and then it became "Dad I Have Come Back" and gave it to Kang Kang. He said it sounded weird when he sung it and so he gave it back.)

4. "Old Indian Turtledove" was written after watching Jackie Chan's "Shanghai Noon" (After watching the movie he used the lyrics of "Black Humour" to write out the melody of "Old Indian Turtledove" and then he took the lyrics out and gave it to Vincent to write)

5. "End Of The World" was immediately written when he went home after he lost love one time (On that day he arranged to go to the cinema with his girlfriend, and then that girl came out but with another man, and then she broke up with Jay)

6. "The Orcs" was written when he suddenly got inspiration after going to the toilet.

7. The arrangement at the very beginning of "Love In BC" is from Jay's demo and then the official arrangement comes in, the C part of the second chorus was a melody he suddenly thought of to add into it. The lyrics were written by Vincent Fang after he visited a museum and got inspiration.

8. He learnt the simple Japanese in "Ninja" from watching Japanese dramas, he didn't hire a teacher to teach him.

9. The demo for "The Tea Grandpa Makes" was like this: "The tea grandpa makes, bad tasting I still have to say it tastes good"

10. The first song he wrote "Everlasting" was used when chasing girls in High School. Jay played and sang it to that girl on her birthday, that girl was so moved that she cried and agreed to be his girlfriend.

Another version: this song "Everlasting" is Jay's first love "photo album". "At that time, in the second year of Jin Hua middle school, I fell in love with a very beautiful girl in the next class, it was love at first sight, but the love was only in my heart, it was hard to speak it out. I often went to the doorway at her house and waited, only taking a glance at her from a far distance. One time she came out from her house, I followed her all the way, when I got to an underground passage, she suddenly turned around and said to me "Don't follow me", this sentence made me very hurt" Jay spoke with a low voice, like telling a story, very detailed memories of everything about his first love. After a year of having a crush, Jay finally had a start with this "beautiful" girl, Jay said: "My mind was originally very clear, every time I see her I'd be so nervous that I say something and not say something, one time when I was going across the road, I finally summed up the courage to say to her: "Can I hold your hand?" Now that I think about it, I was really stupid that time, if you want to hold hands just hold hands, why did I ask?" In this first love, Jay didn't even hold hands and it was the end, after the two went to different high schools, she suddenly didn't take notice of Jay anymore, Jay chased her for an answer, the girl's answer was "I don't have that feeling for you." After hearing this, Jay stood there stunned, but, he acted very cool, with an expression that said he didn't care he left, in fact, at that time his heart was bleeding.

That night of the break up, Jay's small eyes was full of tears, he wrote down the song "Everlasting", in the lyrics "Walking past the lonely street, the lonely night, hope to meet you, you don't have to be so cold and ruthless to me, I love you and I don't care about everlasting, I only care that we once had each other....." Jay said, when he wrote this song, he was so hurt he thought he wouldn't be able to live, at the end he lived on well, 3 years ago, in front of a steak house, Jay once again met this "beautiful" girl, Jay said coolly: "I don't have feelings for her anymore" A first love that didn't even have holding hands, has left behind that song "Everlasting".

11. When Jay was making the demo tape for "Shanghai 1943" he thought of adding the sound of a gramophone, but afterwards he felt it had been used by other people before so he didn't use it.

12. When Jay was making the demo tape for "William's Castle" he already really wanted to use the topic of vampires, he used midi for an organ and he added sounds of horse's hoofs and other sounds at the beginning, at the end that part in "Bullfight" was added in when they were recording.

13. "Silence" was the song that took the longest to write in the second album.

14. "Split" was the song that took the longest to write in the third album.

15. "Simple Love" was written with a guitar, the 6, 7 voices in the song are all Jay's.

16. He once got some of his own younger classmates to his concert, especially some who could imitate his voice very well.

17. Jay's passion for the piano is like the love of ice cream of children of the same age. The piano teacher at high school Chen Shi Guang said: "When Jay was 10 something years old, he had ability above his age, he could perform live. "One time, he sat down and could start playing the national song, originally it was a very solemn song, he changed it to a very interesting piece of music, a bit like a pop version of the national song."

18. His first published work was Jacky Wu's Taiwanese song "Three Nights Three Days".

19. Before Jay was famous he wrote a song called "Tears Know", it was recommended by Jacky Wu to Andy Lau...Andy Lau only took a glance at the lyrics and said with his head shaking "How will tears know, what will tears know?" He immediately rejected this song! He really didn't know a good song when he saw a good song. At the end it was given to Landy Win to sing, the effect was very diao. Jay's melody, Vincent's was recorded in Landy's "A Bit Wild" Album.

20. Jay and Vincent's first published song is: Judy Jiang's "Sound Of Falling Rain".

21. The rap part in "Wife" was an impromptu addition by Jay, Vincent questioned Jay about this, he thought even if he added in a rap part, he believed he could write complete rap lyrics for it. Jay who is very stubborn towards his own music just said "The feeling came"; if we changed it we can't get that feeling from that moment.

22. Jay admires Vincent wholeheartedly! "Don't look at his face, in fact he is a very diao strange person! He has a pile of strange ideas in his brain! Like "Old Indian Turtledove", he wrote 3 versions for me in one go, among them there's actually version that was very satire. But after some consideration, the things I wanted to shout at people about were already being done by A Mu and Zhang Zhen Yue, it was better for me to go on the "amusing" route!"

23. Vincent Fang revealed that the lyrics to Shanghai 1943 actually had two versions, one was the "Shanghai" lyrics, the other was a love song, the name was "Good For Nothing". Vincent flipped out this "Good For Nothing" lyrics, "I hate myself for being good for nothing and falling in love with you, only for saying one sentence you are here, loving you like this without reason, please believe that no can replace you..." He said very embarrassingly: "It's too unrefined, anyway too many people have written lyrics about love, at the beginning the company thought writing love songs was safer, but me and Jay still thought the Shanghai version was better."

24. "Cliff Of Love" was originally called: Fallen Down A Cliff

25. "You Can Hear It" was originally called: Dependence

26. In "You Can Hear It", Jay sings the line "Only you can hear it" backwards.

27. The song that took the longest to sing the backing vocals in "Ye Hui Mei" was "Cliff Of Love"

28. The announcer in "Third Class Second Year" is Jay's friend, he appeared in all three albums before this. And more recently in the song General. His name is Zhong Zuo Hong (he used to be in Nan Quan Mama and is often known as Ju Pao)

Bullfight: Have a competition with me ...
Dad, I Have Come Back: Go Away
The Iron Box Of The Island: Excuse me miss, do you sell 'The Iron Box Of The Island'? ...

29. The girl in The Iron Box Of The Island is called Wan Er (she is from Alfa Music)

30. Jay's way of writing a fast song: First play some rhythm, record it, when recording the music, record it from beginning to end, following that rhythm, keep on rapping and then pick the best one and write it down. At the end make some improvements until it is the most diao