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Compilation of Tidbits (life)

01 May 2005

Compiled by jaycn from various news sources and translated by

1. When Jay was 7 he once secretly took and smoked his uncle's cigarette, he coughed really badly, one try and he was scared of that taste, from then on he stayed away from smoking

2. Jay's weird habit is that he does not wear underwear, in fact there is a story behind why he doesn't wear underwear, when he went into the company that year, due to the fact it was inconvenient for having baths and there wasn't anywhere to hang clothes to dry so he just didn't wear any, 3 to 4 years and this became a habit

3. Jay loves to imagine, when he was young he liked to hide and watch "Doraemon", the ending of "Doraemon" was that Nobita Nobi was a child with autism, Doraemon was only his imagination, the whole story was all an imagination. Imagination, unreal, but belongs to himself..." "Totoro" was also one of Jay's favourites

4. Jay's super diao motto "With music or die", when he was in high school, it came from "Live free or die", at that time the teacher asked everyone to make up a classic saying, for face and to be better than other people, he made himself sound great. (note: great people of course have to have great aims, Jay thought like this since he was young, he said: "I was a genius since I was young, because when I was young I studied at "Genius Primary School".)

5. One time, Jay, who was in a good mood, had in his hands a dish full of food, he was walking while listening to music, he accidentally bumped into a female waitress, and the dish full of food went all over that female waitress. That waitress' hand was scalded by the vegetable soup, it hurt so much she cried, the manager heard the crying and hurried over, he unreservedly criticised Jay and fined him TW$2000

6. When Jay was little he was very naughty and loved to smile. Mother Chou wanted to train his temperament, in the 2nd and 3rd years of primary school she sent him to learn musical instruments. But the first instrument he learned was not the piano of which he is a master of, but was the cello. As to why his first instrument was a cello, Jay smiled saying: "At that time I saw a good looking female teacher play a varied version of Little Star, so I chose the cello!"

7. Jay helped his family wash clothes when he was in middle school

8. Jay's father helped Jay wash clothes before. He often used this excuse to visit him at the company

9. Jay usually drives a antique blue Jaguar, recently he saw a Benz antique car for auction online, he won it with a bid of 300,000, after he won it, he felt ink green was too bland, he decided to refresh the car, he changed it to pink. Jay's interest in antique things, often gives his mother headaches, as long as Jay suddenly feels like it, he can't stop buying, from antique light ornaments, antique paintings and old instruments, he is interested in collecting them, but more and more things have filled his house in Lin Kou, even in the record company there are piles of his stuff that he hasn't opened, making his mother frequently reminding him: Don't buy anymore!

10. Jay: When I released my first album, I don't think anyone knew me, When I went to queue to buy fried chicken on my bicycle, by my side a guy suddenly hummed "Bullfight", I couldn't help but smile for half a day, he saw me smiling and came up to me, good thing all he wanted was an autograph, in fact he was using the way of singing songs to test if it was me, but after that I rarely go out alone.

11. Sweet rice cakes are Jay's favourite dessert, one time when he went to Hualien, he especially went to a sweet rice cake shop to ask the boss how to make sweet rice cakes, who could have thought the boss was also his fan, when he got to the shop, the boss brought all the workers there and formed two rows to welcome Jay, an even more exaggeration was that the boss also used his whole family to collectively served Jay. So Jay personally made a sweet rice cake, but having hands able to use Nun-Chuks and play piano doesn't mean that he can me sweet rice cakes. Because Jay's was too ugly, when it came to tasting it, the people who were full of enthusiasm all became very polite, pushing it from him to her, no one was willing to open their mouth, Jay held the cake and joked: "Anyone want to eat it?" Suddenly he heard an explosion of "I want to eat it! I want to eat it!" from outside the shop, everyone looked behind, a few hundred fans were stuck up to the glass window door looking inside

12. Before Jay came out he was in Alfa Music, he had a customary action, it was to put his head down and put his hands in his hip hop clothing, Jacky Wu told him not to do it, so he took his hands out, after a while, he put one of his hands back in.