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Compilation of Tidbits (friends)

01 May 2005

Compiled by jaycn from various news sources and translated by

1. One time Hei Ren said he wanted to be spokesperson for Air China, so after a few days Jay called Hei Ren, he changed his voice and told Hei Ren that he was the manager at the Air China company, he officially invited Hei Ren to be the spokesperson for them, he also arranged for them to meet at the office. Hei Ren was so happy he thought it was real, the next day when they went to play basketball, Hei Ren immediately told Jay this good news, at that time Jay just burst out laughing, Hei Ren was played!

2. Jay and Xiao Zhu like to use rap to shout at each other, one time Jay called Xiao Zhu, Xiao Zhu wasn't there, so Jay left him a message shouting at him with music: "Xiao Zhu, if you don't pick up the phone, you are scared of me, you are afraid of me, you obviously can't play basketball as well as me, but you still shouted there, you say I'm crap, I say your crap, what, today we met at Da An Forest Park, two teams against each other, two were both 2-0, I finished you off, I was with Geng Hong, you were with Zhang Luo Jun, don't even think you can beat me, you say I'm crap, I say your crap, what", Xiao Zhu was very angry, he broadcasted it on the show, making Jay lose face so he recorded another part to shout at Xiao Zhu "Yo...Yo...Xiao Zhu...big pig head..." He also got other friends to rap, because when they play basketball they like to play music on the side, so they played Jay's part, making Xiao Zhu smile grimly.

3. Jay has little courage, and he's scared of the dark, at night when he's sleeping he doesn't dare to switch off the light, one time he forgot to bring the work place key so he had to go to the hotel to sleep, Xiao Zhu drove him there, so Jay used his begging eyes to get Xiao Zhu to sleep with him because he wouldn't dare sleep at the hotel by himself. Because normally Xiao Zhu's eyes seem like they are letting out electricity, Jay thought the way Xiao Zhu was looking at him was not right so he forced him to chat and not let him sleep. He even put a pillow between them, saying: "You can't go past here! If you go past here you're dead!" Xiao Zhu was angry with Jay, he deliberately put the pillow on his shoulder, making Jay really nervous, saying: "Don't be like this Xiao Zhu!" At the end he couldn't help but ask Xiao Zhu: "Are you gay?" But Jay was really thinking too much.

4. Xiao Zhu helped Jay get a nickname "Baby". There isn't a particular reason or motive, he just thought it was fun to call him that, when he first heard him call him "Baby", he immediately replied: "Ba your head!" After some time, Jay got used to it, when you called "Baby", he will reply, "Yes?"

5. Jay, Xiao Zhu and Geng Hong all bought 3 Monkey mopeds, the moped which were only 100cm long looked like toys, but it is very powerful, they arranged to go to ride up the mountain together.

6. When they play basketball they like to put out weird ideas, the loser has to jump while yelling: "Gwa gwa, I'm a frog, gwa gwa, I'm a frog!", or they have to pretend to be a dog and retrieve the ball for the "master", Jay's favourite one is making the person lie on the floor and roll about with their heads on their hands, or the loser has to take off their clothes and shout at the road: "I'm an idiot, I'm an idiot!"

7. At the day of the 13th GMA, Xiao Zhu and Jay were sitting offstage together, at that time Jay had already gone on to accept two awards, when the third award Best Album was about to be presented, Jay suddenly said: "Xiao Zhu, if it's me, I'll let you kiss me!" Xiao Zhu asked: "Kiss where?" Jay said: "Wherever you want!" So the result was revealed, it really was him, Jay himself was surprised, he couldn't believe he won three in a row. He was so happy he stood up and hugged Xiao Zhu, but unexpectedly he put his head down, using the back of his head to face Xiao Zhu's face, not only this but his head gradually lowered, so low that Xiao Zhu couldn't kiss him, it was all because he suddenly became introverted, he was scared Xiao Zhu would madly kiss him in front of everybody!

8. Xiao Dao from 5566 is a good friend of Jay, they both suffer the same "disease", when Xiao Dao hurt his waist, Jay often visited him enduring the pain in his back. When 5566 went to Singapore, Xiao Dao heard Jay also went there to hold a concert, he immediately picked up his phone and called Jay, saying: "Big star, you taking a rest?" Once he heard it was Xiao Dao, Jay immediately replied: "Big class, still haven't!" A few days later, 3000 fans came to 5566's singing and signing meeting, the whole place was crowded, Xiao Dao once again phoned Jay: "Big star, sorry, we got 3000 people over here, we took 3000 of your tickets!" "Big class, no problem, my concert over here is full!"

9. One time Jay, Xiao Zhu and Jolin Tsai gathered together, the two wanted Jay to do magic, Jay said his magic and x-ray vision had combined, so he and Xiao Zhu performed it for Jolin, indeed they guessed it all right, Jolin was very amazed, she really thought Jay had did it! She only found out afterwards it was all the result of Jay and Xiao Zhu arranging it.

10. When Jolin was holding her fourth album concert, the record company hoped Jay would record a VCR for the concert, the two thought the VCRs in the past were too boring, no freshness, so the two seriously talked about a script, Xiao Zhu even dressed up as Jolin and played out a humorous scene with Jay, they even especially went to the studio to complete this VCR, this touched Jolin.

11. Jay's recording studio is a mess, it's piled with clothes and music sheets. But he often hires cleaners to tidy the place up when Vincent Fang's is not there, and then when Vincent comes back he'll show off: "You see, I've cleaned up! Try to keep it clean in the future!"

12. Jay loves to sleep, he often oversleeps, one time, Xiao Zhu wanted to get him to play basketball, the result was that he was asleep, Xiao Zhu managed to wake him up after some difficulty and made him get changed, not long after his eyelids closed, he nearly didn't have the strength to carry himself over, because he was wearing a sports cap, sports clothing, yet below was his pyjama bottoms and slippers.

13. One time, Jay suggested to Xiao Zhu very seriously: "We can present a variety show together, I'll be responsible for being cool and you can be funny." He was rejected by Xiao Zhu, he said: "Your appearance on the show will only drag down the ratings, from start to finish it will be me talking, you will be standing at the side with your hands in your pockets not saying anything, earning this kind of money is too hard, you'll make me talk till I die!" Xiao Zhu warned Jay: "Albums have to be done well, otherwise after two years you will end up like me "joke star", you can't get back to being an idol even if you wanted to."

14. Jay always uses the "Jolin standard" to request that junior apprentice Rui En works hard to lose weight, the two often quarrel over this. The funniest thing is that Jay can't even speak clearly himself and he goes and corrects her Singaporean mandarin, saying: "Communicating with Singaporeans is really tiring!" Also Jay really likes to be cool in front of Rui En, he will run away half way through a sentence, leaving Rui En confused.

15. When Jay brought his mother and some young friends to dinner, Jay picked some vegetables for his mother, and ordered his friends: "You have to pick some vegetables for my mother as well, children need to have manners to their teacher!"

16. Jay's first impression of Vincent Fang was not good. Jay remembers that the two were still nameless youngsters, one time Jacky Wu gave Jay's new song for Vincent to listen to, and Jay hid in a corner to see the reaction, who could have known Vincent only said "Nothing much", making the confident Jay explode with anger, suddenly making Vincent, this person who doesn't know music, his enemy, the two met like this.

17. Alan Luo super loves cleanliness, he has 3 dogs, yet he can't take having one piece of dog fur in the air, it will make him madly try and grab it. In order to maintain the cleanliness of his house, he never eats snacks in his house, especially biscuits, he's scared biscuit crumbs will pile up on his floor. One time Jay went to his house to play videogames, he played while eating biscuits, he let it go as he was his good friend.

Who could have thought that Jay's movement was too big and he spilled the box of biscuits accidentally, he was shocked, he ordered Jay to clean it up before he left, he watched Jay vacuum, cleaning every corner, making Jay angry and funny: "I've come to your house to be your servant." Seeing the MV for his new song "Show Time", Jay exaggerated with "very diao", yet he "criticised": "Were you imitating my "Ninja"?" Xiao Zhu couldn't accept this: "Even though there is a Eastern style to it, but mine is "samurais"!"

18. Karen Mok invited him to participate in a swimming competition; he refused because when he was little he nearly drowned. He said: "When I was in kindergarten, I went to the Lin Kou's Zhu Lin Temple to play, I crouched down to watch fish in the lake, it was probably because my head was too heavy, I lost balance, "dung" and I was in the water, in front of my eyes was deep green dirty stuff, I couldn't see anything, that was the first time I yelled "help" in my life, an old man who was playing Chinese chess heard and ran over to rescue me, now that I think about it, it was quite funny.

19. Xiao Zhu stressed that he and Jay are not only hala and basketball friends, the two often exchange views in terms of music, "It can me be playing the drums, him playing the piano, jamming until we forget ourselves, plus our mutual understanding is so good we even stop together." He said one time Jay couldn't help but say to him: "Yo, you're better than me now." He replied: "I still got one thing better than you, that is dancing." A few weeks before Xiao Zhu spent 50,000 to buy a DJ turntable, Jay was very interested and went to Xiao Zhu's house a lot to scratch music, because of this the two could consume half a day.

20. Xiao Zhu exposed that Jay doesn't have much guts: "Jay especially won't dare to stay in tightly enclosed spaces, one time we pushed him into a 3D anime car, he pressed the alarm bell straight away and escaped. Everyone went on the roller coaster, he was the only one who wouldn't get on, he held a V8 and videoed himself grabbing stuff toys, having fun by himself."