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Chance for Jay Chou to perform "A Thousand Words" at Chengdu

by kelvin@multistars - 11th May 2010

Source: YXLady

The concert "If Only We Could Last Forver - Teresa Teng Golden Songs Stars Concert" will be moving to Chengdu on the 14th of May, the line up includes Jay Chou, Fish Leong, Cyndi Wang, Yu Quan, Daphne Tsai, Christine Hsu and more. At the concert, Cyndi Wang is performing "Sweetness", Jay Chou is performing "A Thousand Words", Jane Zhang is performing "If Only We Could Last Forever", Daphne Tsai is performing "Fragrance Of The Night", Fish Leong is performing "I Only Care About You", Yu Quan is performing "Goodbye My Lover".

The 14th of May is the release date (not anymore, 18th now) of Jay Chou's new album "The Era". Jay Chou expressed, even though he is very busy, but for both his and his grandma's idol Teresa Teng, he'll go onstage.

According to reports, due to Teresa Teng's influence in the music industry, when Jay Chou received the invitation, he immediately accepted. One thing worth mentioning is that besides "A Thousand Words", Jay Chou will also be bringing "Fragrance Of Rice" and "Where's The Promised Happiness?".

On the day whether Jay will remix "A Thousand Words" into a hip hop version has become a point of interest. The main organisers have dodged the questions about this, "We can't reveal anything right now, but we believe Jay Chou will definitely bring a new feeling to Teresa Teng's classic song!"

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