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A-mei Chang gets autograph while wearing no makeup, Jay Chou surprised and gives hug

by kelvin@multistars - 23rd May 2010

Source: Chinatimes

On the 22nd Jay Chou held an autograph session in Gaoxiong, A-mei Chang appeared without makeup, she appeared among the fans holding a copy of "The Era", she queued up and asked for his autograph onstage, he didn't know beforehand and was taken back a bit, after the two had a hug onstage, she immediately left, she hurriedly to her own concert in Gaoxiong. Besides writing songs fast, he also signs autographs fast, he signed for 4000 people in 3 and a half hours, he took the high speed rail back to Taichung.

When he was being interviewed by POP Radio he was asked about the Golden Melody Awards, he commented: "It's very fair but you can't see the objectivity, because music has always been a very subjective thing." He used this to describe his experience of being on the cold bench. He once sat offstage waiting for awards to be announced, at the end even the workers from the company felt disappointed and left, he showed his grace and stayed at the awards ceremony, at the end he won the biggest award, he said, he was very surprised at winning Best Male Singer last year.

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