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4 years for me Hannah...Jay Chou "confessions before wedding", reveals moment he decided to get married

by kelvin@multistars - 4th January 2015

Source: Ettoday

Since Jay Chou announcing he will wed Hannah on the day of his 36th birthday on the 18th of January, talk of the two's relationship has become the focus of the outside world. Director Chou has always been tight lipped about his love life, in recent days he has finally talked about it, he generously revealed the details about his relationship with his girlfriend, in the interview he called her "she", under his cool exterior he's just a big boy in love.

Jay Chou was interviewed recently, he loosened up and talked about Hannah. Director Chou recalled, he got the idea to marry her when his back problem was acting up and his body was in pain, during his weakest hour, he remembered how she silently stayed by his side without regret, he was touched, thus he made up his mind to tie the knot with the girl who stood by him.

Jay Chou was touched by Hannah's kindness when he was at his lowest

Jay Chou said frankly, it wasn't that he never had thoughts of "confirming" his partner in his past relationships, it was just that the relationships always only lasted 2 to 3 years. But, he has been with Hannah for 4 years, he said "It's tiring being with me! It's hard on her, she's endured it so long." The lucky thing is, during their dating period, they have had so few arguments that even they themselves don't remember, what happened to cause the argument they have completely forgotten, so he's particularly treasures this "real love" that was not easy to get.

Jay Chou and Hannah's relationship was not easy to obtain

To this, Jay Chou is very clear, whomever dates him is going to find it tough, not only do they have to shoulder the burden of being talked about and pressure, they also have to completely match up with the life rhythm of his own busy work schedule, to find another half who can endure all this is not easy at all. Director Chou said, he is 14 years apart from Hannah, but the two's personalities are very compatible, because "my wisdom is very similar to hers", he smiled saying the two get along like "children". But, he admitted they do have times when they don't see eye to eye, the only thing "different" is their interests in movies are different, but his girlfriend does ask if he wants to see it before going into the cinema, if he isn't interested she will go with one of her friends.

Apart from this, Jay Chou also revealed, even though it wasn't love at first sight, but the first time he saw her he admired her a lot, talking about how his grandma liked her future granddaughter in law, he proudly said "who wouldn't like her." During the interview he revealed more, after dating his girlfriend, his mother "switched her affection to someone else", saying "in the past my mother cared about me, now she cares about her, she took her as a daughter in law long ago."

Jay Chou's mother Ye Hui Mei and grandma both approve of Hannah

Talking about the location of the wedding, Jay Chou stated he has already planned to hold it in Europe, the people invited are only of about 50 friends and relatives, the budget is NT$10 million, it's set to be a retro European party, but besides paying for it, the details are all decided by the bride, he laughed saying "I only worry about whether I will look good on the day!" Due to considering how his grandma can't come along due to her limited movement, he might hold another wedding party in February or March.

Apart from this, Jay Chou is serious about wanting 5 kids, but he likes boys more than girls, the reason being that he can play with boys, when the kid grows up he can pass on his moves for getting girls, if he had a girl he would be worrying more, during the talk he started to really think about it, if he really did have a girl "I will be a bit more strict", he said frankly he will love a girl more, and "(Girls) can like boys, but can't date." It sounded like he was a already a father.

Jay Chou to wed Hannah in Europe and live with mother afterwards

In the future, Jay Chou considered "mother still needs her song to accompany her", so he will still live with his mother Ye Hui Mei, luckily Hannah and his mother have no mother in law and daughter in law issues, so he's not worried about living together. Director Chou promised, after marriage even though he will focus on family, but he will still maintain one album a year, because this is his "unchanging promise" with fans.

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