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Latest Jay Chou News

No kidding! Heavenly king Jay Chou walked my dog

by kelvin@multistars - 4th April 2014

Source: Chinatimes

Jay Chou bumped into a fan in YongKang park in Taipei, but he was generous enough to agree to a photo, he even helped the fan walk his dog! According to the fan named Liang, on the night he took his dog out and bumped into Director Chou, excitedly he went up to him and asked: "Are you Director Chou? Can I get a photo with you?" Director Chou asked him: "Didn't you get a photo last time at the airport! Still want another?" He felt surprised that Director Chou remembered him, he still said "Of course, I've…[more]

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QQ Music Awards, Jay Chou wins 3 awards

by kelvin@multistars - 29th March 2014

Source: ifeng

The first "QQ Music Awards Ceremony" was held in Shenzhen yesterday. Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Rain and more attended the ceremony. Jay Chou won Most Popular Male Artist in Hong Kong and Taiwan, 3 awards in total becoming the big winner of the night.

Jay Chou and Lang Lang collaborated at the ceremony. The two played a medley of "Chopin Tristesse, Chinese Flower Pot, Chrysanthemum Flower Bed and Secret", they had such chemistry, the fans shouted for encore.[more]

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"Initial D" sequel to drift again, Jay Chou to personally direct

by kelvin@multistars - 29th March 2014

Source: QQ

Jay Chou posted a photo of him and Shawn Yu on his official fans group, he also showed off his 8 pack, the other photo was one with the AE86 model which he was autographing, he also wrote "My AE86 is ready, how about you A Le?" This was seen as confirmation he was starring in the sequel to "Initial D".

A few days ago Edison Chen revealed at a fashion event in Beijing that he will star in the movie "Initial D 2", it will begin filming in 2014, the original male star has been upgraded to…[more]

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Jay Chou shows off abs, invites Shawn Yue to film "Initial D 2"

by kelvin@multistars - 27th March 2014

Source: 163

Shawn Yue posted a photo on Facebook with Jay Chou, in the photo Jay Chou shows off his abs and poses with a white model car, he also wrote "My AE86 is ready, what about you A Le (Shawn Yue)?" Shawn Yue then asked netizens "Just received Jay's post to me!! If we filmed it would you guys really want to watch it?". As soon as the photo appeared, some netizens couldn't help but sigh: Director Chou even has abs that go a different path! This image of Jay's is blinding! Some infatuated fans said "I blushed looking"…[more]

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Jay Chou makes fun of his own back problem, wants to invite female student master to star in MV

by kelvin@multistars - 2nd March 2014

Source: Sina

Yesterday's "The Brain", the first challenge competition arrived, the 14 competitors from before accepted challenges from opponents. This season besides the impressive ability of these challengers becoming the focus, science assistant professor Director Chou appeared on "The Brain" again.

It was obvious Director Chou was more relaxed than the first time, he did as Jiang Changjian suggested, he teasingly said if possible, he will prepare to write a song related to the brain and perhaps invite 14 year old female student master Sun Che Ran to star in the MV.

From the first episode of the initial competition…[more]

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Winter Olympics female skater uses Jay Chou's music

by kelvin@multistars - 21st February 2014

Source: Chinatimes

The Russian Sochi Winter Olympics female figure freestyle Skating competition was held on the 20th. The surprising thing was Australian female skater Brooklee Han used Chinese singer Jay Chou's "Secret" OST music for accompaniment.

Brooklee Han at the time stated that she really liked this movie's accompaniment and that she was going to use it at Sochi. The commentator on ESPN said "such incomparable elegant music" to describe the accompaniment.[more]

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Jay Chou to release new album in May, photo of recording in the studio late at night revealed

by kelvin@multistars - 12th February 2014

Source: 163

Last year Jay Chou didn't release an album because he was filming "RooFToP", before the New Year he finished two unusual style new songs, after re-energizing from the New Year holidays, he has found inspiration, he has already started work on the 10th, recording the new album, his good friend Xiao Mai took a photo of him and the producer Michael Lin working in the recording studio, they had serious focus work faces on, he put it online, caring fans noticed the photo was at 3:30 in the morning, their hearts ached, they all left messages hoping he…[more]

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Jay Chou to settle down and start family at 36, plans to spends New Year 1314 with Hannah

by kelvin@multistars - 10th January 2014

Source: UDN

There is not one week left before Jay Chou turns 25, he's always mentioning about how he would get married before 36, not only that but that he would announce it personally and online, between "a low key proposal, a high key wedding", he admitted to spending New Year "1314 (a lifetime)" with "to-be J wife" Hannah.

He celebrated his birthday early and made 4 wishes, one is "that his mother will give him a suitable amount of pocket money", enough for him to buy rare and new style concept cars, the second is "to write another script,…[more]

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Jay Chou shows off brain power with golden words: someone who has self awareness is intelligent

by kelvin@multistars - 4th January 2014

Source: 163

At 10pm, the first episode of the science show "The Brain" will be premiering on JiangsuTV. How will this science show be played? How was Chinese heavenly king Jay Chou's first time on a Mainland China variety show? Yesterday, Chengdu reporters got to watch the first episode of "The Brain" early. Jay Chou's performance was eye catching.

As the biggest class star on "The Brain", Jay Chou's first Mainland China variety show was still the focal point of the audience's attention. In the first episode, Jay Chou's performance was eye catching, he came out with some golden words…[more]

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Director Chou brings out camera with ELVA

by kelvin@multistars - 26th December 2013

Source: Chinatimes

Jay Chou's brand "PHANTACi" and Elva Hsiao's "ELVA" fashion brand "Carry Me" are bringing out a camera together! The two's first collaboration won't be music but will be releasing a trendy camera, one will cost 25990 yuan and are limited to 400, it is expected to bring in millions. But after deducting manufacturing costs, the profit isn't actually that much, Director Chou's brand manager Ric said: "This time's collaboration is not about money but is for the chemistry of crossing boundaries!"

The two often bump into each other whilst performing in Mainland China, about a year ago they…[more]

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