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Latest Jay Chou News

Jay Chou's forced perspective MV deciphered! Piano dance is eye catching, 1 million hits in YouTube in under 12 hours

by kelvin@multistars - 14th December 2014

Source: JVR Music

The MV for Jay Chou's first plugged song "Extra Large Shoes" has incited frenzied discussion amongst fans when it was released, everyone was surprised how creative Director Chou was! In the MV there was a "piano dance" segment which captivated fans, saying "So handsome"! The choreographer Ice Cream who has a foundation in piano, when they filmed the MV he choreographed a "piano dance" segment at the last minute, the two dancers and Director Chou refined the dance for 3 hours before completing the "piano dance" segment, Jay Chou said: "If a dance teacher can play the…[more]

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Jay Chou's new album called "Aiyo, not bad"

by kelvin@multistars - 3rd December 2014

Source: Sina

According to Taiwanese media reports, Jay Chou will release his new album before he gets married at the beginning of next year, he's a funny guy and so named his album after his catchphrase "Aiyo, not bad", he even wore a black top hat to transform into Charlie Chaplin, but the cutest thing of all is the custom made large wooden shoes he wore for his new song "Extra Large Shoe Size", he needed help to get the shoes on, add to that the sack-like jacket, trousers, he looked really comedic.

The first plugged song "Extra Large Shoe…[more]

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Jay Chou admits once thinking about a surprise proposal on stage

by kelvin@multistars - 26th November 2014

Source: OnCC

Jay Chou completed six concerts in a row in Hong Kong's AsiaWorld-Expo, after the show he was interviewed, he talked about the Hong Kong fans' being so passionate, this made Director Chou state to the audience before the ending that he will come to Hong Kong for a concert next year again, Director Chou stated he hoped but it would depend on the venue, there are a lot of people holding concerts in the Coliseum, but when his new songs come out he will come back, he can't be away from the Hong Kong fans too long. Will…[more]

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Director Chou's "Listen To Father's Words" reveal how Hannah's father was once against their relationship

by kelvin@multistars - 21st November 2014

Source: Chinatimes

Jay Chou held the "Opus 2" concert in Hong Kong on the 20th, he is releasing an album next month, the night before yesterday he revealed two new songs at the concert for fans, one of them is called after fathers "Listen To Father's Words", it's actually a love song, the lyrics "You listen to your father's words, he says I'm bad", this reveals that during the start of their relationship, her father was against them, he persisted to reap the rewards.

He and Hannah are 14 years apart, they met 4 years ago, she was just 17,…[more]

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Diao! Director Chou proudly says: I won't rely on CDs to make money

by kelvin@multistars - 18th November 2014

Source: Chinatimes

Jay Chou is releasing an album in December, on the 14th he revealed his new song's MV on the Mr.J Taiwanese official blog, in 4 hours over 10,000 fans had pressed liked, the 18 second preview is called "CUG", netizens asked: "Is CUG Journey To The West?" Sharp-eyed netizens saw that the guy pretending to be a woman is Ken, thus solving the mystery of "CUG", he is helping Ken, Xiao Mai, Ice Cream form a male group.

Director Chou is keen to promote his friends, last year he suggested Ken, Xiao Mai and Ice Cream form a…[more]

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Jay Chou invites Ariel Lin to film MV

by kelvin@multistars - 13th November 2014

Source: UDN

Before he heads off to Hollywood to film the new movie "Now You See Me 2", Jay Chou is busy filming the MVs for his new songs in his 13th album coming out at the end of December, yesterday night he booked the restaurant in the east district, he invited Ariel Lin, who he worked with on "Nun-Chuks" 13 years ago and Darren to star in the MV, perhaps it was because the media are focused on Jolin Tsai and Namie Amuro's collaboration, Jay Chou spent the day running around Taipei and no one noticed.

"The Double J…[more]

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Jay Chou tries his hand at Hollywood again, rubbing shoulders with Morgan Freeman

by kelvin@multistars - 6th November 2014

Source: UDN

Before his marriage Jay Chou getting luckier with his stardom, he has been invited to star in the Hollywood movie "Now You See Me 2", he will be staring with A-class star Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo and Daniel Radcliffe, Jay Chou's agent Yang Jun Rong stated, the movie production crew sent out an invite, and with the script being even better than the first one, the story is related to magic and so they decided to accept it, when Jay Chou heard about it, he was especially surprised but he agreed straight away.

After filming "The Green Hornet",…[more]

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Jay Chou finishes recording fans want to see the wedding photos more

by kelvin@multistars - 22nd October 2014

Source: UDN

Jay Chou's 13th album was delayed till winter from spring, finally it was confirmed from partner Vincent Fang's mouth, yesterday morning he had already completed recording, Jay Chou is going to release a new album in December, moreover the track list is over the originally planned 10 songs, he guaranteed the delay was worth it, but the netizens one after another stated, they wanted to see Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan's wedding photos even more.

Jay Chou's music has always been creative, before he revealed he finished writing two songs, one is about friendship in high school, getting…[more]

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Jay Chou: new album comes first then marriage

by kelvin@multistars - 16th September 2014

Source: 163

A few days ago, Jay Chou attended an event in Shanghai, faced with the media's questions about his wedding day, Jay Chou said smiling: "I've always said I hope to settle down before I'm 36, but now the new album takes priority, my album has been delayed again and again, but the wedding cannot be delayed."

Since debutting, Jay Chou has maintained a rate of one album per year, however, in 2013 he did not have any new work. Talking about the preparation of his new album, Jay Chou stated: "I hope it comes out on time, it…[more]

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Chang Sisi to release new single "History of Han Clothing", written by Jay Chou

by kelvin@multistars - 25th August 2014

Source: Xinhuanet

As soon as Chang Sisi's performance of the Chinese style song "History of Han Clothing" was revealed, a lot listeners were captured by the grandeur and creative performance, some netizens said when they first heard the song it flowed right off the tongue, the visuals were very touching. Some passionate fans couldn't even wait for the official MV to come out and made their own.

This song is composed by Jay Chou and Vincent Fang wrote the lyrics.

Jerry C sings the demo[more]

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