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Latest Jay Chou News

Jay Chou: new album comes first then marriage

by kelvin@multistars - 16th September 2014

Source: 163

A few days ago, Jay Chou attended an event in Shanghai, faced with the media's questions about his wedding day, Jay Chou said smiling: "I've always said I hope to settle down before I'm 36, but now the new album takes priority, my album has been delayed again and again, but the wedding cannot be delayed."

Since debutting, Jay Chou has maintained a rate of one album per year, however, in 2013 he did not have any new work. Talking about the preparation of his new album, Jay Chou stated: "I hope it comes out on time, it…[more]

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Chang Sisi to release new single "History of Han Clothing", written by Jay Chou

by kelvin@multistars - 25th August 2014

Source: Xinhuanet

As soon as Chang Sisi's performance of the Chinese style song "History of Han Clothing" was revealed, a lot listeners were captured by the grandeur and creative performance, some netizens said when they first heard the song it flowed right off the tongue, the visuals were very touching. Some passionate fans couldn't even wait for the official MV to come out and made their own.

This song is composed by Jay Chou and Vincent Fang wrote the lyrics.

Jerry C sings the demo[more]

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Girls' Generation Seohyun confesses to Jay Chou

by kelvin@multistars - 18th August 2014

Source: CZTV

In the show there was a special segment "journey to finding love", Tony Leung, Alec Su, Boran Jing, Sun Yang, Jimmy Lin and Jay Chou were all included, before this Seohyun had revealed during the quick question and answer round that she liked men with fair eyes. But, during the selection segment she seemed to have a thing for Jay Chou: "When I watched Secret I especially liked you, I hope next time I come to Taiwan, I can have a chance to meet you!"

With this, both sets of fans started imagining, Seohyun's fans started by analysing…[more]

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Jay Chou to push male group, new album delayed

by kelvin@multistars - 18th August 2014

Source: UDN

Jay Chou plans to form a group consisting of good friends Ice Cream, Xiao Mai and Ken, they'll be an alternative brand male group, he is busy helping with the release of their album, his own album is delayed until end of October / beginning of November but everything will depend on how Jay's recording goes.[more]

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Jay Chou and Hannah strolls in the night market and plays with guns

by kelvin@multistars - 11th June 2014

Source: Chinatimes

On the 10th Jay Chou participated in a charity event with a low profile, after the event finished, he brought his girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan and other friends to the Kaohsiung Ruifeng Night Market to eat dinner, even though he was in plain clothes and wearing a mask, he was still recognised immediately at the night market, causing a disturbance, the fans surrounded him, taking out their mobile phones and photographing him, he generously let them take photos, he's still a child at heart, he got excited, he even played the game of shooting balloons, Hannah Quinlivan stood behind…[more]

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Pop music heavenly king Jay Chou holds first ever "Golden Melody Music Lecture"

by kelvin@multistars - 29th May 2014

Source: ETV

The "25th Golden Melody Awards International Music Festival" is about to be held in June, Asia heavenly king Jay Chou showed his support with action, for the first time ever he is sharing his music writing process with 800 students face to face, this is certainly a never before done "Golden Melody Music Lecture", it will be held at the ATT Show Box on the 24th of June, the theme will be "How Jay Chou writes".

Jay Chou excitingly stated: "This is the first time I have shared my experience with writing with everyone, I hope it helps…[more]

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Jody Chiang, A-Mei Chang, Jay Chou team up to promote GMA

by kelvin@multistars - 17th May 2014

Source: UDN

This year's GMA has gotten big stars to do promotion, including Jody Chiang, A-Mei Chang and Jay Chou, with just the 3 they have been nominated a combined 132 times, winning 29 awards, for the GMA 25, for the first time they came together to promote without taking a fee, the 3 wore black, the atmosphere was super strong, Jody Chiang praised Director Chou as she looked on his toned body: "Your figure is great, so handsome."

Jody Chiang stated: "Turns out we were most worried about A-Mei and Jay coming up with crazy ideas, today we are…[more]

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Japanese female artist May'n to cover Jay Chou's "Snail"

by kelvin@multistars - 17th May 2014

Source: Sina

According to Japanese media reports, HORIPRO's female artist May'n will release her new album "Re: Remember" on the 18th of June, included in the album will be the theme song for the anime "M3 ~ the dark metal", also included will be her cover of Asian heavenly king Jay Chou's classic "Snail"![more]

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Starting to wander! Jay Chou draws in 90 million in a month

by kelvin@multistars - 13th May 2014

Source: UDN

From the start of the end of April, Jay Chou started 6 weekend concerts, from Guiyang, Shanghai, Changsha, Hefei, Beijing to Zhengzhou, no rest at all, it is estimated that with the just singing he'll pocket NT$60 million, he has a scary ability at making money, in between he will also take time to film a clothing brand commercial in Beijing, he wrote "to a musician, wandering is a must." It sounds like foreshadowing his new album.

Jay Chou is doing concert after concert, the new album was expected in Spring but will be delayed till July, will…[more]

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Jay Chou descends down to Shanghai, launches "Opus 2" tour at 80,000 seater stadium

by kelvin@multistars - 4th May 2014

Source: Chinatimes

On the 2nd Jay Chou held a concert at Shanghai's 80,000 seater stadium, he started the "Opus" world tour concert back in May last year, yesterday night was the 40th night, due to it being the second time he held a concert in Shanghai, he added another 2.5 million yuan to produce different content for "Opus 2" so that fans can see his music magic of "a magical heavenly king"! Yesterday with a frozen world background, he descended down from 12m wearing a silver white crystal armour, all the fans were up on their feet!

Not only did…[more]

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